Thursday, October 23, 2008

Queen's Guard all warm and cosy...

Queen's-guard-Buckingham-Palace-LondonThe autumn's coming to a close and winter's drawing near as the days become shorter and the temperature becomes lower.

We have sorted out our warmer clothings and folded our summer clothes into the storeroom. Growing up in a tropical climate that sees a balmy 30 deg C (86 F) 365 days a year, well with some exceptions towards the end of the year, Singaporeans are exactly built for cold weather.

Well, the Queen's Guard, whom I chanced upon on the way to the Buckingham Palace was looking cosy and er.. red. He is one person who is all ready for the frost in the coming months.

Now, where did I put those darn gloves...

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Tiddles said...

The one who stands in the corner in the courtyard, well he was mad at me when I was there **innocent look**
A lady went to stand next to him but your not allowed so after she had her photo taken I walked up close and said to him "your not allowed to talk so I will keep taking steps till you get in trouble" then I threatened to tickle him, Ha well I got out alive!

Martin Miller-Yianni said...

It's a small world, but I have an ex-Queen's Guard living 5 kilometres from where I live in outback Bulgaria!

A hat is more effecient that gloves!

Dutchie said...

I hope the guard is given long-johns to wear bec it is still very drafty under his wide red coat :-s

I'm kinda lagging behind with preparation for winter. Each nite as it gets colder, I just add another layer of blanket to hv a good nite's sleep. Same thing with going outdoors n forgetting to take the gloves with me, resulting in painful red hands after my 1 hr walk :-/ Other than these inconvenience of the cold, it's also a cozy season with LIGHTING-UP for St Maarten (Trick-or-treat on Nov 11), St. Nico (Visit from the holy man in red, bearing gifts on Dec 5) n Xmas/New Year's Eve !

Any unusual events coming up in UK this coming months or elsewhere around the world ?

C K said...

LOL! When I was there, a tourist tried to pose beside a guard on horseback. The guard bellowed, "Make way for the Queen's horse!". You should have seen how fast that tourist scrambled away. A typical youtube moment.

What's he doing at outback Bulgaria? For one, I know that a number of them signed up to become Beefeeters - guarding the Tower of London and double as tour guides as well, after they retire.

So did he tell you anything about the Queen? lol

Unless they're the Scottish regiment, I'm sure he has something beneath that coat of his.

Well, I got an electric bed warmer for my bed. A nifty device that comes with adjustable temperature!

I'm looking forward to 5th Nov, Guy Fawke's Day where his effigies will be burnt at bonfires lit up around the capital with fireworks everywhere. It was a riot last year. :)

So what have you prepared for those kids that come trick-or-treating? Some of your homebake kuehs?

Dutchie said...

Ahh .. so nothing under the kilts eh ?

Nothing like a bed warmer - I do envy u ! Am contemplating an electric blanket when our hot water bottles r ready for scrap !

Kids r treated to handful of sweets, choc bars or tangerines after they sing me the traditional song n a wee chat abt their pretty home-made lanterns :-)

C K said...

Have not tried those warm water bottles. Do you actually remove them just before you lie on the bed?

The electric blanket heaters are a bit artificial... and there's an electrical smell as well.

Dutchie said...

Oh dear, just as I thought - electrical smells ! Must make u wonder if it's overheated or something ?

Contrary to the word "hot bottles", it is in fact a flexible square rubber holder with a screw-top where the hot water goes in. We usually take it with us to bed. My hubby uses it to thaw his icy feet n I had mine on my tummy where the warmth spreads under the blankets.

Would be nice to hear how others warmed their beds in winter ?

Silk Flowers said...

but i prefer to have hat during these days, because i feel more comfortable comparatively