Thursday, October 2, 2008

London attractions : St. Katharine's Dock - a haven in hectic London


I was milling around during lunch when I decided to explore a bit further than my usual route around Tower of London. Boy, was I glad.

It didn't come as a surprise that most tourists (in fact most Londoners as well) who came to visit the Tower of London and Tower Bridge stopped short of going beyond the underside of the bridge. Unknown to many, less than a hundred metres away lies St. Katharine's Dock, which is a haven for those who wish to avoid the tourist crowds.

St. Katherine's Dock function as a dock for the yachts of London's wealthy. A stone throw away from the Square Mile, it allows them to hop over for a short cruise out in the Thames. For the rest of us, there are pubs, boutique shops and Starbucks (why am I not surprised?).

The next time you're in the area, instead of following the crowd, which is likely to head towards the Tower, take the opposite direction instead. You'll be thrilled by how calming the Dock can be. Well, It worked for me, especially after a tired day in the office.

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LadyBanana said...

I stumbled upon this place last year. I went to Tower Hill station and just wandered with my camera and was amazed when I found it.

It is as if you have steeped away from London.

My boss and her husband took their boat there over the August Bank Holiday..

SheR. said...

I used to work at Butler's Wharf. We have 2 hours break and we explore all the areas around there.
It's fun especially on a Sunday to walk along the Thames.

Dutchie said...

My hubby's cousin traded his converted luxurious farm-house for a smaller appartment overlooking the marina, where he has a boat like those in the pix. Actually most of our relatives here owns a boat but I'm not a fan, unless it's a speed boat. The locals do prefer the slow glide upon the water when the sun is out ;-P

Another thought, the best way to go is to hop on a cruiseship - fun n feast all day long :-D There r Xmas specials for ppl who wants a good alternative without much hassle.

C K said...

My sentiments exactly. It seems comparatively deserted even during lunchtime. The Tower, which is just a stone throw away is a totally different story.

Does your boss require a special permit to dock her boat there? Or does the system function like a normal parking space? The gate mechanism does seem a bit complicated to operate though...

2 hours break! I would want that. :)

Yep, I love to walk along the bank when the sun is out. Not so possible now with the howling winds and all...

Ah... nothing like a short sail out into the waters. Do you do scuba diving as well?

Christmas cruise ships is an option. But it can get a bit boring espcially if you aren't into casinos and food. Not quite sure about European cruises though. Are there more activities onboard?

Joeru said...

lol You found the place. It's lovely don't you think?!

SheR. said...

Ha.. CK you'll get two hours break when you earn about 1500 quid in a month working as a Commis Chef for 17 hours a day!

Dutchie said...

I dont scuba dive but my hubby does. It's a very expensive sport. U always need a boat to take u out to sea, a team to dive with, oxygen tank,etc. I prefer the simplicity of a swimming pool.

The cruise ships that offers Xmas specials r from the UK. U hv to sign up for the activities - lots of sports to work off the extra pounds - LOL. If u dont like taking up activities, it's still THE place to pamper urself or rekindle romances ;-P

C K said...

Definitely. I tried to make my way there during lunch just now but had to turn back when the wind was building up and I have foolishly left my jacket back in the office. :p

Hey, at least you get to eat for free. Er… you get to eat for free don't you? Anyway, I learnt that there's a couple of 'ranks' in the kitchen - thanks to Ratatouille. Care to educate us on that? Is 'Commis Chef' one fo them?

I am not quite sure about Christmas cruises - not exactly fond of standing on the decks with winter winds in my face. Having said that, it does sound like a good way to take a break from the hassle of daily schedule. Hmm… I don't mind a good massage though...