Sunday, October 19, 2008

Tower Bridge on a typical English afternoon


A fountain, which is on the way to Katharine's Docks, set against Tower Bridge on an overcast day - a typical English day indeed.

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Momstart said...

I've been there, Nice picture.

C K said...

Who knows? I may have helped you take a picture during one of my lunchtime walk. :)

Dutchie said...

Is Tower Bridge the same as London Bridge ? Nursery rhymes "London Bridge is falling down" comes to mind :-0 How did it come abt, u think ?

C K said...

It has become a local joke when tourists (and I'm one of those) came by London and thought that Tower Bridge is, in fact, London Bridge.

They are actually different bridges. London Bridge, is a relatively plain looking structure, which is a couple of hundred meters upstream.

I have absolutely no idea how Tower Bridge has come to be known as London Bridge...

And the nursery rhyme came about because Tower Bridge opens up (for the lack of a better word) every now and then for a ship to pass through.

Now I can't get the tune out of my head... hmmm, that's not good.

Dutchie said...

CK, tks for the info. Good to know the facts instead of walking round with misconceptions.

Lots of the bridges here also opens up for pleasure yachts to pass thru. I can implement the same tune to the bridges here too. It will be a real cracker when my hubby hears it - haha !

C K said...

i'm sure the English got the idea from somewhere... or is that the other way round?

Anyway, there's an exhibition on the upper levels of the Tower Bridge and in it are several displays on the proposals for Tower Bridge's layout. Believe me, it could have turned out very differently.

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C K said...

Got your feed. Thanks!