Thursday, November 27, 2008

Introducing London Chow - "What's there to eat in London?"

London-ChowAfter writing a couple of posts of the eateries and restaurants that I've been to in London, I have finally decided to set up a dedicated site just for that. With great pleasure (note the pomp), I introduce to you "London Chow", your review site for London's restaurants and eateries.

I have taken the liberty to move the previous reviews done earlier to London Chow and will be adding new reviews along the way. Also new are the information and ratings found below each review.

Korean Kitchen - Undiscovered gem in Piccadilly Circus

Korean Kitchen, which is tucked along Great Windmill Street, a stone's throw away from London's Piccadilly Circus, is a cut above the rest. Its unpretentious facade and outlay, undeservingly overshadowed by Melati - directly opposite, is perhaps the only reason why there's no need for reservations even during peak hours.

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Martin in Bulgaria said...

I wish you every success withyour new blog, I and many other knwo how much time and effort goes into blogging with quality as you do.

I'm sure it will be a great resource to draw upon when people visit London looking for decent places to eat.

Dutchie said...

I like the yummy heading for London Chow n the rating at the end. Up side of a quiet Korean restaurant is that u could pick n choose ur table n savour in peace. Once the horde hit the place, u might be waiting in a long queue out in the cold - haha !

I was thinking of our tiny china town in Amsterdam. Red brick streets with a grimy outlook n u hv to watch out that u dont trip over the uneven brick roads. Plans to create a real china town with a grand portal was never realised. The shops r like those neighbourhood shops in Sg. The so-called restaurants r more like kopi-tiam but so long the food is good n not pricy, we r content :-)
Compared to what u find in London, those establishments do splurged on decor n ambience !

Hv tried the self-service BBQ dinners in Sg (Orchard Rd n Marina South). Hubby said that our family steamboat dinner (by mom) was more refined. There r 5 dialect groups in my family (those marrying in) n so our BBQ is a mix of some wonderful stuff ! Plus 250sticks of satay !

Tonite I'm trying my hand at steamed pork ribs with fermented beans. Hubby has been asking for it all week !

C K said...

Thanks, really appreciate that. Well, I guess that food is really one unifying topic for all. :)

Thanks for your recipe on the 'lor mai kai'. We couldn't really find a rice cooker when we first come to London. Harrods does sell some models that cost £50 and above though. We ended up buying a £10 cooker from Iron Monger, nothing fancy and very functional.

A visitor was wondering why I used the photo of 'nasi lemak' to represent 'London Chow', which is essentially London's food. She was saying that it should be fish n' chips or something along that line. What do you think?

I supposed that the Chinese community in Amsterdam is smaller as compared to London. Then again, London's Chinatown cannot compare to that in New York or San Francisco.

Marina South? Haha, believe it or not, we were just reminscing about the days when we gorged ourselves over there for S$10 pp when we were still in school. Ironically, it was the fried chicken wings (ready cooked) that I love best. While others went straight for the prawns (perceived as most worth the money), I hovered over the chicken wings' tray.

Now, you got to share the recipe for steam pork ribs... you know what? You should really start a blog on that. :)

casancia said...

Hey CK kor, wantian here! I'm now studying in Switzerland, actually planned to go london a few weeks ago. If only I remembered you're in London right now, then I would have gone!

Anyway, you look like you're having a great time in London! I will be touring France, spain and italy at the end of year, so do let me know if you happen to be there during tht time. :)

See ya back in Singapore sometime (with your british accent!)

C K said...

Hey there, great to hear from you! I was wondering who is this person with such an exotic name. :)

Heard from your Sis that you're currently in Switzerland. Well, if you do come by London, you can count on having a free tour guide! But the weather is not exactly great these few days. But I'm sure you'll have a roll of a time over at mainland Europe.

Erm... sorry to disappoint you. My Singaporean accent is still thick and strong. lol

Joerup said...

lol - Congra on yr new blog and guess what, you had help me decide where to go for dinner on this Friday nite! :D
Pss... I can't leave comment in yr new blog - not open for Name/URL. :(

kyh said...

woohoo congrats on your food blog! will definitely keep that in mind when i'm heading to london! :P

Dutchie said...

Didnt occurred to me that London Chow would be seen from another point of view - oh dear, am I stucked in a tunnel vision ? Those who read ur blogs would make the connection right away, that it concerns Asian food in London. Perhaps the title needs a little tweaking for the uninitiated ? I like the way it is bec nasi lemak is representative for us Asians.

We once spent 6 weeks in USA n SF did impressed me - the familiar duck/char siew rice or noodles. Such genuine taste. Even old fashioned cakes n cookies ! Those in other cities were less refined. But climbing up the hill was tough tho :-/

Haha - hubby said the same thing abt my own foodblog but I hv no brand new ideas to add lah ! I google mostly for recipes. Hv a look at, n finally for the delish steamed pork ribs with fermented beans. Click on All Recipes > Click Meat Recipes > Click nr 8.

I tend to simplify the cooking process. Just fry the ribs to give it a nice brown color, then put all ingredients together n let simmer until the meat is tender.

My hubby loved the thick gravy. He had half of it in his spoon n top it with rice ! I was concerned he would be suffering from thirst later on (gave him 2 cups of tea to cure that). He is very fond of tau-choe n tong choy - both very typical chinese, dont u think ? He jokes abt being a chinese merchant in his last life - haha !!

Dutchie said...

sorry, typo error :

Am trying kueh pai-ti tomorrow with a deep spoon (dont hv the mold). Just wondered if others hv a better idea ?

C K said...

Thanks for the notification. I've enable the comments on London Chow. Do let me know how's the dinner on Friday!

Thanks bro!

You know what? I love the salt and pepper crab over at SF's RnG. During my short stay over there, I actually went back twice for the dish!

Thanks for the links, I've bookmarked them. Though I'm not any good at cooking, I'm trying to persuade Wife to try out some of those recipes.

Just curious... why 'merchant'? lol

Looking for a new tagline for London Chow... any suggestion? Anyway, I'll try to go to more non-Asian restaurants. In fact, SheR has recommended quite a few. :)

Dutchie said...

Haha CK ... merchant sounds better than storekeeper lor !

I think it's a good idea for London Chow to hv a foreign section. Afterall, readers of ur blog might just hv different tastes ;-D

New tagline ? The one at the top left corner on this page is concise n catchy !

Anonymous said...

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