Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Getting a real Christmas Tree

London-Christmas-treeI was at a colleague's Christmas party the other night feasting on sausages wrapped in bacon strips (I'm sure they have a name for that) and sipping on English Breakfast. I know how it sounds like but I don't handle alcohol too well.

Anyway, while I was busy stuffing my mouth with sausages, I let slipped that I will not be getting a Christmas tree this year. My colleague looked at me incredulously and went on a tirade about how having a tree helps to lift the spirits up a bit, especially with the presents and the smell of natural pine that permeates the entire house.

That got me thinking a bit. It's almost unheard of in Singapore to get a real tree. If you are going to get one at all, it will most certainly be a standard plastic tree that comes in 4', 5' or 6' with a choice of three colours (green, autumn yellow or autumn red). Forget about the natural smell unless you count that of plastic as one.

There are certain benefits of having a plastic tree: it's recyclable, it's comparatively tidier, more regular in shape, relatively little fuss and the best of all, it comes 'pre-lit' with its own electrical plug, LEDs and wiring.
The story of Christmas trees
London-Chrismas-TreeHowever, after my colleague's lecture, I got a Christmas tree the very next day from the peddler who set up shop along the main street just outside my place. It didn't take me long to decide - I pointed to the smallest one they've got, handed over £15 and the transaction was over in a matter of minutes.

Got a few baubles and viola! My very own real Christmas tree. Though it might be a tad too small and looks more like a bush (than a tree) from a certain angle, but it does smell heavenly. Say, I might just hop by John Lewis and get more baubles. I heard that they're literally giving them away for free.

Merry Christmas!

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LadyBanana said...

Sausages wrapped in bacon = Pigs in Blankets..

We have our tree up, the same one we had for a few years now!

Laane said...

I'm one of your entrecard readers and I'm hopping in to wish you a

Merry Christmas!


C K said...

LOL... wait a minute, you're kidding, aren't you?

Glad to know that your tree is still holding up. I don't think I can find the space to store one in my humble abode.

Thanks for stopping by and a Merry Christmas to you too. Cheers!

LadyBanana said...

I kid you not!!!


See the UK version...

*lynne* said...

I've not encountered a real pine christmas tree in forever,,, or at least, its aroma hadn't made itself known to me... but now that you mention it, i *do* like the smell of pine... maybe next year I'll hunt down a "bush" like yours :)

Have a great rest of the year!

Martin in Bulgaria said...

I don't know giving in to people pressuring you, I'd stand firm, the tree is very nice though.

Happy Seasonal Greetings from Bulgaria. :)

C K said...

Thanks for the link. Wife and I had a good laugh over it!

If you can afford the space, do consider getting at least a 5' one. It does feel more like a tree. :)

So, what's for dinner on Christmas night? Will you be cooking up a feast? Or will you husband be the chef?

I guess I just need a reason to get a tree. I am just a bit concern about the mess that it will create. Guess that my worry is unfounded, at least for now.

Enjoy yourself this Chrismas!

awesomewords said...

Oh we have gotten a real tree each year since we've been in Switzerland - it is just nice - i love that it is not regular in shape & yes the pine smells nice - though i think we have too small a tree to fill the whole apt with pine smell :) i really wanna get that grow-a-tree thingy - u know get a potted tree & get the same one back every year - they (the nursery) looks after it for you all throughout the year. That i think is great! recycling & the real thing ;)

Anonymous said...

Oops! just realised i should have used my LJ ID - awesomewords is me using my other a/c to get into blogger.