Sunday, December 21, 2008

Introducing The iPhone Photographer

Having a camera phone around really helps to capture the moment. Every picture taken is a potential for another post. But that lead to another dilemma - what to do with those pictures that somehow didn't make the mark.


After some deliberation, I came up with a simple solution - posting them up in a separate blog (full score for innovation).

The iPhone Photographer archives all the photos that I've taken with my phone and for some reason not featured on A Singaporean in London. Best of all, all the pictures are totally unedited and authentic. A laziness on my part really.


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LadyBanana said...

I like the idea... and the photos..

I have a Flickr account for dumping all mine onto!

Martin in Bulgaria said...

I'd love the opportunity to be lazy, no such luck, besides it's too technical for me being an oldie.

Natural said...

great idea. i'm off to check off some of your photos. i used to be a photographer, semi professional, back in the day. i still love looking at and taking pictures.
hmm don't give me any ideas for a new blog, i just deleted two because i'm too busy.

EastCoastLife said...

How cool! I'm still not used to taking photos with my hp. I'll try. I must admit photos on the Iphone look good.

Dutchie said...

I hv the same problem with boxes of photographs made when pocket camera was all the hype !

Then there r the heaps of email exchanges (2000 plus) ...

What to do with them ?

Deb said...

I'm still not used to taking pics with my hp. My camera is always with me anyway. Did u use your iPhone to take that pic of u and the other guys wearing the same brand/style shoes in the train? ;)

kyh said...

iPhone pics look good to me. And I'm amazed that you're able to keep up with so many blogs!

Cashmere said...

The photos look good to me... I always take photos with the phone.. But I never upload them anywhere cos they are all so! ;)

lina said...

Cool!Visited the site, a I enjoyed looking at your photos.

C K said...

I think I have a Flickr account lying somewhere. For some reason, I just didn't get around to use it.

Did I tell you that the Santa's hat looks great? :)

Ah... come on already. Then again, that's probably the reason why I'm sticking to blogger instead of WordPress, which is a tad too technical in my opinion.

Eh? Any reason why you deleted your blogs? I mean, why don't you just let it be dormant in the cyberspace. No harm done, is there?

Would love to see how of the shots you've taken. Thanks for stopping by, cheers!

Hey, you know what? You should write to Apple and ask for an iPhone for reviewing purposes. :p

Now that you mention it, I loath to think about the tons of emails languishing in my inbox(es). Well, I suppose you can pay for the extra storage when it comes to that. :)

LOL, you got that right. I have mastered the art of staring intensely on the phone screen while taking snapping pics with my phone.

Eh, if you've noticed, the frequency of new posts have dropped quite a bit. Well, you can't have it both ways, can you?

Ah... time for a new phone! Will you be treating yourself to one this Christmas?