Monday, December 22, 2008

Free Lovefilm 90 days promotional code

lovefilm-free-promotional-code-90-daysWith Christmas falling on a Thursday this year, Guardian reports that this will be the longest Christmas vacation break for 16 years for Britons. Yet the credit crunch and the fear of job security is preventing people from travelling overseas as the airport expects to handle less passengers this festive season.

I for one is going to stay put in London despite being lockdown in the city during Christmas itself with the total shutdown of all public transport system in the capital. Other than reducing my carbon footprint, I'll endeavor to spur the local economy on in whatever little way I can.

Other than feasting on the turkey that is to be collected from Marks & Spencer, I'm relying on Lovefilm, a rental DVD service in the UK.

There are similar services in Singapore but it is not practical paying over S$30 when the average movie ticket cost around S$9. With central London's movie ticket costing over £9 each, paying £4 - £16 per month (depending on package) for a DVD rental service suddenly makes sense.

Here's a bonus for you. Enter the promotional code G3DW6TYYP (good till end May 2009) in to get a 3 month trial instead of the current 2 weeks. No strings attached (absolutely no affiliation whatsoever).

Have a Merry Christmas!

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lina said...

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you!

C K said...

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you too!

What plans have you got for this Christmas?

Dutchie said...

CK, I don't suppose ur delish turkey could make a transit here b4heading ur way ;-P ??

Been wapping notes with my gf's in other cold places for some inspiration ! It's gonna be finger food. We gonna chat on skype n ogle each other's Christmas spread ...helps to keep the mood going I must say :-)

Here's wishing u n all ur readers here a Yumilicious Christmas n a bubblelicious New Year :-D

C K said...

Thanks! Curiously, I fee young again after reading your Yumilicious and bubblelicious greetings. :p

Are you not going to slaughter a turkey or two over there? As mentioned, we got one at M&S, which feeds 7. So that should probably last us for quite awhile.

Btw, how're your folks back home celebrating the festival?

Dutchie said...

CK, my in-law consists of 1 BIL n his wife (from Malacca) n over the weekend she n I hv decided to keep it simple. She is taking the opp to try out an Indian restaurant, so there's just me n hubby .. a turkey would be way too big for us.

Traditionally, Mom goes to Christmas dinner at the church n then wait for the carol-singers to drop by later at nite (or early morning) where goodie bags n ang pow would be handed out. Most of my siblings will be overseas doing their own thing.

So far the weather is very mild. Folks back there simply expect it to snow (on cue ?) ;-p !!

*lynne* said...

this sounds like the Netflix service available here in the US. Kosh and I rarely hit the theaters, it's a matter of cost and time.. besides, we both like the ability to pause the movie for bathroom breaks, and I like to have the subtitle function on.. all things not possible when watching in the theaters... Have a great time reducing your carbon footprint this end-of-year season!

Martin in Bulgaria said...

Our turkeys come walking past our front door, but we don't roast then, we preserve them in salted water bottles and jars! Not really for Chrismas, pork is the staple Christmas meat here, and boy golly I'm glad is it. Somehow turkey just never lives up to anything special in all the Christmases I've had in the UK.

I think the big film on TV this Christmas is 'The Wizard of Oz' with Bulgarian subtitles. We won't be watching that though, too much talking and family gossip to catch up on.

Christmas Eve through to midnight is the big Christmas occasion here, no meat before midnight then the recently made pork salami comes out just after 12. Then more fun and games start. We're never hungry by the time Christmas Day dawns.

However you celebrate Christmas, it doesn't matter, we all feel that the main thing is to be spiritually fulfilled with this special Christian based occasion.