Saturday, December 13, 2008

The mentality of Men

men+shoes+designMen are simple creatures. Ladies, don't be deceived by those "strong, silent type". I bet you that there's nothing really concrete going on in between those ears. In fact, we are not only simple, we are plain lazy as well. The concept of "if it ain't broken, don't fix it" is still very much alive and kicking today.

As the ladies are getting all hyped up about the 50% (in some instances 90%) pre-Christmas sales going on, we guys are just resigned to tagging along, carrying those shopping bags and waiting for our womenfolk while they go wild over that handbag and coat, which prices have just been slashed. If left to us, the entire Christmas shopping experience would probably take the whole of five minutes.

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Just look at the stuff that we adorned ourselves with and you might get a clearer picture of the guys' mentality when it comes to shopping. I was on a bus the other day and something amusing caught my eye as I looked towards my feet. Two other blokes, who were standing beside me were wearing the shoes of the exact same design as mine.

Now, if that were to happen to any woman, she would have probably inch away and hope that no one noticed. For guys, it's a totally different story. Assuming that the guy even notices it in the first place, he might just laugh it off or even worse, he might take a picture and blog about it.

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Martin in Bulgaria said...

You know, that is so true!

Jacqueline said...

I agree with Martin, too true.

I think shopping is for the birds. I can't remember the last time I went shopping at the mall. It's such a waste of my valuable time. Nevertheless, I extend much love to those who thoroughly enjoy it.

Carole said...

That is positively hilarious but so true! Yes, sometimes I think men are "simpler creatures" but sometimes I am jealous of that! :-)

kyh said...

haha... so true! guys prefer gadgets and techs to these frivolous accessories!

btw, did those guys know that u're taking a pic of their shoes? :P

C K said...

Yep. We're easily contented, let's admit it.

I was thinking the other day of how I could have spent the time, which could have been 'wasted' on shopping... couldn't think of much else other than sitting in front of my Xbox 360 and blogging. Oh well.

Really? Sigh, but we have other problems as well... I think. :)

Er... nope. I was staring furiously on the screen on my phone while taking the shot, which was fine as the angle fits too!

Say, will you be installing EC widget on your site?

Dutchie said...

Finally, a man dares to confess abt their true nature - thanks CK !!

Here, it's like I'm bringing up my hubby n it never ends, much to my chagrin lah *sob*. I feel that hubby only lives for his work n hobbies n anything else needs prodding to get it done n endless nagging to get it moved .. u know what I mean *sigh, sigh * Why can't men get to the same wavelengths as us n do the chores without being told *big sob* ?

kyh said...

Oh why did you ask so?

EC remains on my old blog. Since 99.999% of the droppers are those "drop and go", I haven't thought of adding it. :)

awesomewords said...

Yes so very men!! hehehhee ;)
i used to work in an office where it was majority men - & it never ceases to amaze me how they can eat the same thing from the same store for lunch everyday - there would have been no variety if the few gals had not insisted on something different ;D

Anonymous said...

I see it in my own family! My dad buys his white shirts by half a dozen...and that's one thing we women can never understand.