Sunday, December 7, 2008

Top 10 tips for first ice skaters - part 2

This is a continuation from an earlier post.

4. Look out for the Photographer

Warning. If the ice rink is half decent, there will be an official photographer making the rounds to get glamorous shots of you waltzing through the ice and you'll be trying your utmost to get their attention. That is unless you are the rookie skater.

However, you are gunning for that photo to prove to your mates that you are indeed on the ice, do get hold of the photographer (usually the person with the word "Photographer") before you enter the rink. Otherwise it'll be next to impossible to get the shot, which you'll have to purchase before you leave the ice rink.

5. Lean forward

There must be a reason we are pretty well padded on our bums and because of the rigidity of the skates and the length of the blades, we will always fall on our bums.

To prevent this, always lean forward when you feel like you're losing balance. This method is surprisingly effective in preventing the fall. Be sure to bring along a pair of gloves (and wear them of course). If you do fall, these gloves will come in handy to protect your hands which you'll use to break the fall.

6. Don't grab hold of anyone

It's a natural instinct. You'll reach out for anything or anyone within reach. Please don't. To fall is bad but to bring someone down with you is worse.

The good thing is that, however, someone will always be there to give a hand when you're down.


7. Don't go near kids

Kids have got this insane immunity towards taking hard knocks. They slip, hit the ground and get up and running in no time. The last thing you want is to have children maniacs weaving through across your path.

Also, being irrational, they will drag you down should they fall.

8. Don't look downwards

Same principle applies in skating as in biking. The novice mistake is to keep the eyes peeled at the feet. What's the point anyway? Your feet wouldn't go anywhere without you. Look forward and give it your best shot. Spending some time on your bum is perhaps the worst thing that's going to happen to you.

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9. Don't struggle when falling

Now, the worst has happened. The whole world has witness your humiliating fall. Keeping calm at this point in time is the key to getting back up again. Push your back off the floor with your one palm and lean forward to gain balance.

The simple law of physics dictate that the skates can only go two ways - front and back. As long as you are able to maintain an "A" frame between your legs and the floor, you will be able to remain on the same spot for quite some time.

10. Reward yourself up with a cup of chocolate

Although you've paid for a full hour, it's really just 45min with all the preparation. Before you know it, you'll be ushered out of the rink into the de-kitting area where you can pick up your photograph if you posed for a shot earlier.

Well done! You've just survived your first session. Get yourself a hot chocolate and perhaps even a muffin at the cafe, and go get the ticket for the next session.

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xiaocangshu said...

Ooh. I didn't know you get to have your photo taken at an ice rink, and there's hot chocolate.

From someone who only went to the Jurong ice rink in SG once.

waitingkitty said...

Hey~! I went ice-skating with the kids over the weekend too! Of course in HK, it's indoor but still a very fun experience.

jeflin said...

These are very useful tips for ice skating beginners.

My kids love to ice skate and during this holiday period, I have brought them out to the ice skating rink thrice already.

Dutchie said...

Hello xiaocangshu :-D

So is the ice rink still open in Jurong or is there a new one elsewhere ?

Hi waitingkitty,

Am taking this opportunity to ask if u can change ur comment site to one just like here ? Ur current one makes it hard to post a comment lah ;-0

CK - nice one ! Mind u, kids here learnt for the 1st time with the aid of a sturdy wooden chair for support ! Works rather well n I still see it happening when the skating season starts.

C K said...

If my memory serves me right, I don't think those in Singapore have got those.

I wouldn't be exactly keen in getting a 'hot' chocolate with the warm weather back home. :)

With your kids? Well, you must be pretty good at it. Just wondering how much does it cost in HK for a session.

So how did that go? Did you have your kids take skating lessons are did you coach them on your own?

That's a thought. The alternative would be to pay 50 quid for an hour of lesson over here in London, not exactly something you want to spend on these days.

So are you any good at it? :)

Dutchie said...

I'm a hazard to my hubby bec I panic every time n held his arm very tight. Perhaps I will never acquire the grace like he does - hands behind his back n just shush naturally away like he's taking a stroll !

xiaocangshu said...

To Dutchie: Yes, I think it's still open, my friend just told me a while back she went with some other friends.