Monday, January 12, 2009

Frozen fountain at Trafalgar Square


Last week's weather over here in London wasn't exactly one of the best. BBC's report for one weekday was "cold and sunny" - I can't help but notice the obvious irony here, got to keep reminding myself that the weather reports that I am used to (showers and thunder) are halfway across the globe. The next day's wasn't any better - the BBC presenter reported "more of the same" without missing a beat.
Protests at centre of London
The sun's out again!
After hearing about the frozen fountains over at Trafalgar Square, I stopped by there over the weekend while on the way to my quarterly pilgrimage to the National Gallery. Coming from a tropical isle and even after spending some time in London, I've never seen a fountain frozen before. Was really tempted to climb onto it until I noticed how thin the ice was.

To better show where the picture was taken (see red arrow in picture below), here's a mock-up model of the National Gallery and the Trafalgar Square.


Heard that there was a pro-Israeli rally over at Trafalgar Square the next day after my visit. Hope that no one was crazy enough to test the thickness of the ice.

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LadyBanana said...

I've never seen the fountains frozen, but I must say I was enjoying the cold weather.. It's about time we had proper seasonal temperatures..

Bit milder today though..

Dutchie said...

Last week was frozen solid here. Lots of ice skating fun in the neighbourhood as well as regional skating events. A good turnover for the pea-soup n warm smoked sausages stalls (served with a bun). Snow is kinder to my poor face which is bright red n aching from the icy cold :-}

I noticed this morning that the lakes nearby r melting. Am keeping my fingers crossed that it stays that way !

Anonymous said...

I like the frozen fountain! But not the terribly cold weather.

Jade said...

I just hear from a friend today from Holland that it sometimes get to minus 18 there. Brrrrr...glad we moved here to Singapore already!

*lynne* said...

I expect things to be greatly frozen in a few days' time... Chicago is forecasting a HIGH of 2F (-16.6 C) on Thursday, oh what fun!!! NOT!!!


Martin in Bulgaria said...

Walking one ice..... sometimes the people who do this are thicker than the ice! Rivers are frozen here and footsteps can be seen in the sprnkling of snow that covers it. I noticed one set of footsteps just stopped in the middle of the river!!!???
Hoepfully the ice won't be with us all for long. Spring is waiting round the corner and pictures will be more colourful.
Nice pictures!

Anonymous said...

I leave England and then it freezes over lol Here I am sitting on my Birthday inside watching the bellowing wind and snow at 20 degrees below Zero. Wel it is Toronto, Canada.

Anonymous said...

2 Freezin' Winters in a row for UK & Europe. Even in US & Canada record temps, -53oC in Red Deer Alberta at Christmas, and -52oC in Dakota this week, and freezin rain all week in Sydney Australia for Christmas week!
That's Global Cooling for you! Thank god that whole Global Warming Scam was blown wide open with CLIMATEGATE, now those ignorant people who 'believed' can finally understand the globe is in fact cooling, and the science demonstrates this. 3 Cheers for Lord Christopher Monckton and Professor Ian Plimer.