Friday, January 2, 2009

London 2009 New Year Celebrations

This is supposed to be my first post in 2009 not some grubby excuse of a post. Anyway, I wasn't exactly sorry to send off 2008, which was without doubt one of the most depressing year ever. As if it wasn't bad enough, I was mercilessly struck down by a flu strain that swept across the UK (and I was told much of Europe as well) and spent the entire Christmas and the aftermath writhing on the bed plagued with a fever and a splitting headache.


However, I managed to start of 2009 on the right note. Instead of throwing myself at the human mesh made up of 700,000 souls along Thames to view the fireworks spectacle, which I so foolishly did last year, I settled for a front row view in front of my TV. With a pair of earphones plugged in, it was pretty like you're physically there. Well, positioning yourself close to the screen would help quite a bit (closer with you have a small screen like me).
(Un)happy New Year, London!

From the live telecast, it seems that this time round, the organizers brought in a French explosive expert to light up River Thames. Nelson would have turned in his grave. Funny how the experts for anything seem to come from everywhere else other than the host country. But then again, coming from Singapore, I should be used to that.

That said, having fulfilled my first new year resolution of not not attending the new year fireworks display, perhaps I should spend more effort in fulfilling the rest. So many eateries/restaurants unvisited, so much travelling yet to be done. 2009 is going to be an eventful one.

Happy New Year, my friends!

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Fëanor said...

CK, ol' chap, hope you are entirely recovered, and the sight of that supposedly musical display of French pyrotechnics revived you considerably. All the best for a very happy 2009!

C K said...

Thanks, Feanor! I didn't know that the fireworks comes with music. Did it? Anyway, Simply Red performing on HMS Belfast's main turret did cheer me up quite a bit.

Hope that this year will be kinder to us both. :)

xiaocangshu said...

Nice photo. :) Hope the year ahead will be better than the last!

kyh said...

I guess you've been healed at the time of writing this entry?

I read back your London 2008 New Year Celebrations and I hv a good laugh! Haha!

Wish u a real happy and fruitful year ahead!

Martin in Bulgaria said...

A Happy Bloggin' New Year to you. Carry one as you mean to go on, happily.

lina said...

You should be healthier by now, now that you are back blogging. :P

Happy New Year!

*lynne* said...

oh you poor thing, what a way to herald in the new year! hope you're feeling better now!!

Fëanor said...

If I understood that hyperexcited commentator on BBC TV, the fireworks were set off timed in such a way as to have an underlying beat. That's the 'musical' bit :-)

Dutchie said...

Ahh .. that's why u were silent for an entire week ! I thought u were out partying - haha !

Personally I dread being in a crowd during the winter season bec the flu is always thereabout. Far as I can remember, every year-end flight I took to Sg resulted in me coughing my lungs out after a week. Since I dont hv global medic coverage, I had to resort to self-medication. My GP in NL would just advise me to take paracetamol n wait for the worse to pass over even though my throat is painfully sore. I felt real bad keeping the entire family awake at nite with my endless loud barks. Worse still, I was afraid I would contaminate my young nieces .. sigh .. Having said all that, u hv my sympathy CK !

I saw the Sydney Harbour Bridge lightup. Missed the one in UK bec I went to bed after the hour long big bangs in my own neighbourhood, which was very exciting. Anyhoo, all the best :-)

Anonymous said...

Oh sorry to hear u were ill - i know what it feels like - i was stuck down Christmas2007 - hope u are all better now. Have a fulfilling 2009 ;)

C K said...

Thanks for the well wishes! Can't believe that 2008 is over already. Well, it would have been much better if not for the bitter winter winds that's ravaging London these days.

It's seems like self-medication is the norm over here in Europe. Back home, I'll run to my GP at the first signs of flu. Have been pumping Panadols, Nurefem, Sudafed and cough syrup over the last week or so. Now, I'm looking forward to detoxification for the wrong reasons.

Ahh, I manage to catch HK's fireworks on tv, which looked pretty impressive I must say.