Friday, January 2, 2009

Malaysia Kopi Tiam review - the new darling of Leicester Square

Malaysia-Kopi-Tiam-London-Leicester-SquareThere seemed to be an emergence of Malaysian eateries in London's Chinatown of late. No longer are revelers confined to the Cantonese cuisine that has dominated Gerrad Street. In fact, the traditional roast duck and dim sum are making way for char kuey tiao (fried noodles), nasi lemak (fragrant rice) and hor fun (flat rice noodles).

The Malaysia Kopi Tiam, along Charing Cross Road, is certainly an eatery that is gaining popularity among Malaysians and Singaporeans alike. Like all Malaysian eateries, the Malaysian flag is being displayed throughout the premises not to mention the plus size flag prominently hung at the front, which can easily rival the Union Jack at Whitehall.

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lina said...

Good to know there are patriotic Malaysian businessman/woman out there. :P

C K said...

lol, I'm pretty sure it's sponsored by the M'sian government. No? :)