Thursday, January 22, 2009

Man boobs alert - London Underground

man+boobs+London+Underground+Tube+advertI did a double take on this. And no, it wasn't what I thought it was. In fact, it was pretty much the opposite.

If the people at Virgin Gym are counting on the shock factor, they got me alright. I'm now thoroughly shaken with fear.... but not enough for me to fork out over £100 per month for a gym membership at Virgin.

Of course, there are cheaper gym alternatives ranging from a couple quid per entry, which bathing facility is almost non-existent, to gym chains such as Planet Fitness, which will set you back around £30 per month.

If you are one of those who need someone there to whip you up into shape, you can always opt for a personal trainer, who will cost you in the region of £50 per hour.

Singapore-Excercise-CornerI'm contented with doing push-ups and sit-ups in the comfort of my home. To think that I'm beginning to miss those exercise corners/areas that dotted the housing estates back in Singapore.

Actually, I just miss those chin-up bars. I remember hoisting myself up a couple of times every now and then on my way back home.

Just wonder why they don't have it over here in London, not even in the parks.

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KY said...

waaa teruk!

Ju Ann said...

Hey there!

I came to your site while searching for information on migrating to London!

So so happy to get succinct info on your other site. I might have some questions... but let me read your tips for london thoroughly first! :)

Thank you so much!

Ju Ann

Anonymous said...

Hahha...great advert. I am not a fan of gyms. I prefer exercising outdoors.

kyh said...

Haha!! WHat a way to promote the gym!

PuNiao said...

Harlow CK, your blog has been given a Triple Award. Check it out now at

Thank you
Pu Niao

yanjie said...

cause it's way to freezing cold?

Anyway, if you really want to join a gym, UCL union's and ULU's union have comparatively much cheaper public rates (with shower facilities)

Dutchie said...

Arrgh ... I dont like sweating it out at the gym or getting sore muscles after each session.

Dancing the nite away used to work for me n much more fun !

Trouble is, we were never told to tone down our eating habits in the later phase of our inactive life. Most of us found out when it's too late *sigh* !

Why is it that men r generally not bothered by their beer gut or those titties portrayed in the ad ? Perhaps Virgin has found a goldmine there !

Ur pix does make me feel kinda homesick :-0

LadyBanana said...

I have inside information (hehe) that Camden Active Health team are in fact going to be installing some gym equipment in some Camden Parks in April...

I just hope it won't get vandalised!

Cashmere said...

Haha! Aaaah yes! Man boobs are really an eye-sore. The ad did well in the attention-grabbing part..
I think it's safe to say that 90% of passer-bys will definitely look at the ad, thinking it was something else.. ;)

lina said...

would've gotten me into a gym. LOL

Happy Chinese New Year! Hope you'll have a grand celebration. :-)

SheR. said...

Muahahahaha hahahaha

Very good commercial!!! *Applause*

Shock factor number one!!! said...

Awful. Make me think twice before a second helping.

C K said...

LOL, I thought you'll be at a loss for words. Well, not quite, I supposed.

@Ju Ann,
Thanks for stopping by. Hope that the info provided will be helpful. Cheers!

@My Bug Life,
Ah... exercising outdoors is something that I take for granted back home. Over here, it's not so possible. In fact, I wasn't even able to properly stand on my feet during lunch just now... the gusts of wind were just impossible.

You can say that again. The shock factor! I wonder how M'sians and S'poreans would react to such an advert back home. :)

Thanks very much, really appreciate that! Cheers!!

You know what? I'll stick to my push-ups and crunches. Walking all the way to the gym? Are you kidding me? heheh.

Say, have you hit the gyms since you've reached London?

Ah, we have a dancer here! Any favorite dance(s)?

Unsurprisingly, I realised that my metabolism slows down quite a bit over the years. I used to be able to eat like a pig without having any weight issues but... oh well.

I wonder what made you homesick, the HDB flats or the exercise corner... :)

Really?? Hmm... perhaps I can get some pocket money selling that bit of info to the Daily Mail. Quoted from a 'reliable source' of course.

Definitely, yours truely included. :p

Thanks! How's the celebrations over at there?

I just miss those firecrackers, not that they allowed in S'pore. I used to play with them quite a bit when I was a kid at my grandma's village in Melaka.

Honestly, whoever came up with that one should get more than a pat on the back.

How's the CNY celebrations over at Croatia?

Dutchie said...

Clubs in the weekends r so crowded, so it's just shake, shake shake, when u get the chance ;-)

Ur pix has such a familiar feel abt home. In my mind's ear, I could hear kids squealing at the playground with the Ah Mah's n Ah Gong's chatting in the void deck while keeping an eye on the kids.
I had quite some fun racing with the kids on mini-bikes. Most parents dont seemed to hv the energy to let the kids out for some fresh air, do they ? I was lucky growing up in a neighbourhood where kids played everyday, esp in the evenings.

The bright sunshine in ur pix is something I missed bec it represent an outdoor life which is sadly diminished here :-(

Golden Prague said...

I wish we would exercising stations like these in Prague, would be cool to wander through the many parks and gardens and do something for your fitness from time to time ;-) SY

SheR. said...

Nothing's happening here CK. No chinese. Period.