Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Relationship between Men and Shopping

Caught this poignant picture at the basement of Selfridges a few days back. Guess this is what all us men can relate to. I am definitely not a 'browser'. In fact, I'm one of those who goes shopping with a shopping list and consider the very act of shopping as a means to an end.


This must be a familiar sight in all shopping malls. Doesn't matter where it might be and it actually transcends across different age groups. Kudos to the malls that actually spare a thought for the menfolk by providing chairs. If only, they are cushioned as well. I'm not asking for much, am I?
The mentality of Men
Now, that makes me wonder why there are only two chairs available. Heck, I'm standing in line for those chairs.

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WhiteDuskRed said...

They should make it a law to provide seats. Especially in shopping centres where they have an overwhelming majority of female apparel shops. We will watch over the shopping with our legs rested, maybe make a friend or 2 along the way. A PS3 with the seats might be too much to ask but...

Anonymous said...

hhahhaa ;) well, i'm not too much a window shopper myself - i like to shop when i have something specific to shop for - otherwise window-shopping just doesn't make sense why torture yourself by looking at nice things you can't or won't get??

Anonymous said...

Men are never into shopping the way women do. They shop when they need to get something. Unlike women...it's a love affair.

Deb said...

In the early days my pastor used to give me 20 minutes for shopping when we were in the Philippines. ha, that's only enough time to go to the loo!

SheR. said...

Hahah.. I'm lucky that my man likes to shop to!! :P

Dutchie said...

U remember the accordian players at my mall ? They hv their own folding chairs !

Our mall has a round metal ringseat with a palmtree in the middle. It's a haunt for a group of elderly men. I sometimes need it when waiting for the rain to subside, otherwise I'm in n out of the shops quick as I can. I find shopping tedious.

The waiting room at our train station has been converted into a kiosk, so we hv to wait in the cold on the platform. The shelters with half length glass enclosures r always dirty n drafty *sigh*

lina said...

I don't have such luck dear hubby. It is usually me who need those chairs!

SG Entrepreneur said...

One of the men looks like he's been waiting forever!


C K said...

LOL, to think that I would be contented with a simple chair. A PS3 wouldn't be a bad idea after all.

Eh? Your husband is one fortunate guy indeed!

@My Bug Life,
Now, that's more like it. Eh, but isn't "getting something" the very reason why one shop, no?

That's torturous! Call in the police! I'm sure your pastor's one of those that goes grocery shopping with a list.

I assume that you'll be queuing up for the seats instead? :)

Ah, another lady who finds shopping tedious. Honestly, they should have your name up in some roll of honour. :)

You can join SheR at the seats!

@SG Entrepreneur,
Now that you mention it... LOL

Anonymous said...

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