Thursday, January 29, 2009

A direct line to London's Mayor and 10 Downing Street

Are you frustrated at how you have to endure the tight squeeze in London Underground on a daily basis? Tired at having to put up with the bus drivers' antics? Or even angry at how London is being run? Well, it seems that there is an avenue for feedback that can reach the Mayor's office in an instance.


Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London, has jumped onto the social marketing bandwagon. After all, Obama's mastery of this new age marketing has been credited to be his main publicity thrust in his election campaign.

You will be able to reach the Mayor of London's Twitter account through @MayorofLondoff . If you were to follow Boris, he'll return the favor such that you'll be able to send a direct message to the Mayor.

You know what's the best thing? You can reach 10 Downing Street through @DowningStreet. That would probably be useful if you wish to be invited over for a cup of tea.

While you're at it, why not follow me as well?

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KZBlog said...

The PM of Kazakhstan has done something similar with his blog. While the blog itself tends to be official news and excerpts of press conferences or speeches, he apparently does read the comments. When a number of people complained about bad service at the public baths, he started an investigation! I can only imagine what a Twitter feed for a politician would look like though:
10:22 at a meeting
10:25 God I wish the Defense Minister would shut up.
10:36 Ready for the coffee break now

xiaocangshu said...

I remember a while back there was a short piece in ST about how the princes helped Queen Elizabeth record a very hip answering machine message.

Dutchie said...

Haha, KZBlog is hilarious, esp the last part.

I hv previously read that people who tried to get a respond thru emails from the ministeries r in for a big disappointment coz the big chiefs r just way too busy to hv time to read them :-o Besides, it must be a daunting task for the staff to sieved thru thousands of feedback from those who cared to write in.

During each wedding of our princes, the overload of well-wishes actually crashed the system of the provider - haha !

Neo said...

Hey Woooosh... looks like you have been covering the news in London pretty well. How is Gordon Brown doing so far as the Prime Minister?

It seems to be that his popularity has dropped quite a bit especially he failed to resuscitate the UK financial and banking crisis.

Anyway, hear from you soon! As for Twittering, you can email me to ask me for my twitter :D

NEO (Recee Wing)

Martin in Bulgaria said...

I can't think of any word that describes Boris Johnson more accurately than the word "Twitter"

You are so observant Emm! lol

I got a letter from the queen once whilst I was teaching in Hertfordshire, of course it wasn't her really, but just a secretary who writes on her behalf. It did however have all the trimmings of a royal letter!! Not quite sure where thew letter is now though, I left all my worldly goods behind when I immigrated.

C K said...

That certainly sounds like Boris Johnsoon tweets. When he's a little free, he'll literally give his followers a glimpse of his private life... not very glamorous apparently.

Come to think of it, I think I've read about that too. Thanks for the link!

Really? They should have allocated more bandwidth to the system. Maybe they've underestimated the monarchy's popularity. :)

Funnily, the person manning the Twitter account of 10 Downing Street actually told his followers his name. Well, if you're interested, he's Ian.

Hey, Neo! Neat site you got there. Gordan have seen better days I would venture. The Tory's poll ratings is heading up and that spells trouble for the Labour in the upcoming elections.

Will send you an email through your website for your Twitter account. Cheers!

LOL... now I can't get the idea of him twittering around.

A letter from the Queen? That must be something. Would you be so kind to share with us what was in the letter? :)

Hope that Galia is feeling better already.

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