Thursday, February 12, 2009

Little Bay Restaurant (Farringdon) - Pay what you want

What would you say if I offer you a meal, which you can eat as much as you like, for a flat fee? No big deal, I supposed. That's precisely how a buffet function. In fact, there is a multitude of buffet eateries dotting the entire London's culinary landscape.

More often than not, these buffet outlets cater for the hungry backpackers or those of us who are tight budget. Invariably, most buffet patrons value quantity over quality. Those who are familiar with the many buffet restaurants in Leicester Square are nothing more than human feeding pens.

Then again, there are indeed more established names out there that offer the occasional buffets with good quality food and tip top services. Problem is, these buffets do not come cheap.

Little+Bay+RestaurantOne particular chain of restaurant in London is attempting to buck the trend by offering a mouthwatering deal. Bistro styled Little Bay Restaurants will allow its patrons to order whatever they want off the menu and pay whatever amount they deem fit.

You heard that right. You can order a full three course dinner with a couple of glasses of wine and walk out of the door two hours later paying only a penny for that. Or would you? Well, the restaurant is hoping that you wouldn't.

The initial reviews were pretty good. In an interview, the owner of Little Bay promised that each customer will receive the same top service regardless of how much they pay eventually. Unsurprisingly, many patrons actually pay more than they should compared to the menu prices.

The funny thing is that someone I know went in with a fiver and ordered the whole works. He was so embarrassed towards the end that he sneaked out after laying that fiver on the table.

The Little Bay Restaurant's Pay What You Want promotion is only available at its Farringdon branch and is on for the entire February. Be sure to bring more than a fiver.

Contact details:
Little Bay Restaurant - Farringdon
171 Farringdon Road
London EC1R 3AL
For reservation call: 0207 278 1234

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Jade aka MommaWannabe said...

Wow that sounds good for a foodie like me. I think they have something like that here in Singapore where an inn was having a sort of buffet but it was a sort of charity - people can of course give donations and that's what is helping them continue to do this.

lina said...

Did they put any price on the menu?
I'd be too stressed out to think what to pay, I think I'll pay more too!

The only place in Malaysia that I know of, offering the same method for payment was Annalakshmi.

Anonymous said...

Oh I am missing London. I can't wait till the winter is over here in Toronto and I can get married and Bring Hubby over there again.. We love to eat out!

Anonymous said...

Wow..interesting concept! But I guess the diner who ordered the whole works won't want to feel embarrassed again paying alot less than what it's truly worth..hehhe.

I would say, order what you want but pay the restaurant for the food and service for what it's truly worth.

CK: Yes..have heard about the recycled satay sauce in the satay celup but aahh...just once in awhile plus the broth is boiling hot so whatever's not to be seen/known would have been killed in the high temperature...that's what my pastor (who's also a doctor) assured us.

waitingkitty said...

I heard this on the news a couple of days ago. I thought it was really brave of the restaurant owner to come out with a concept like this in this economic situation. Anyway, I guess I will pay more if the service is good.

Martin in Bulgaria said...

Interesting trend. I suppose it's a matter of balance. I assume that mainly well off people and tourists dine out in the heart of London so I don't think tye are taking too much of a risk there.

LadyBanana said...

There is a Little Bay near to me in Kilburn, but for some unknown reason I have never been there.. yet!

Anonymous said...

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