Sunday, February 1, 2009

Londoners are taking the London Underground for granted

You got to give the London Underground some credit these days. Yep, it gets quite warm during summers and people faint, which lead to further delays. Not only that, Northern Line will be closed whenever the expansion of its tracks get too excessive.

During the rainy season, some stations will be closed due to flooding. Heck, some stations are closed for the same reason even when there's no rain; either some pipes burst at the most inopportune time or the stations are below the water line.

wayout+sign+London+Underground+TubeDon't even get me started about the lack of elevators. In my previous post, Moriel recounted on how she has to negotiate her luggage up and down those narrow staircases. I can totally empathize with her on that.

That said, you would have to consider that the London Underground has served the capital for more than a century. Mayor Boris Johnson hit some snags on his promise to install air conditioning in underground stations due to the impracticalities of station refurbishment. And we are not even discussing about elevator shafts yet.

Then again, despite all the grumblings, Londoners do recognize that they cannot do without the London Underground. It's like that air we breath - you realised how vital it is only after it's not there.

Besides, where else would cater for those of us who can't read words printed on tiles?

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Sandty Weston said...

Wow, makes pretty good sense to me! Good job!


C K said...

Thanks for stopping by. Cheers.

Stefan said...

I've only been on the Underground a few times, when visiting while I lived in Barcelona, Spain, but it seemed pretty convenient for me. I'm sure any mass transit system will have it's fair share of problems. Here in Sydney, we're having issues with our Rail system budgeting for upgrades and maintanence. Causes problems, but ultimately, it's nice to have it as an option.

Nomadic Matt said...

i hated the london tube. now i know why everyone has those "i survived the tube" t-shirts

EastCoastLife said...

That bad?
Our MRT seems more comfortable and looks better. :)
I shall not complain about the sardine packed carriages. :P

SheR. said...

I still HATE the Tube. I still do. Haha..I never fail to complain about the Tube every single day in London. That's how much I dislike using that mode of transport!!!

yanjie said...

haha your post came a day before 10 out of 11 lines came to a standstill

kruel74 said...

It's a good way to travel in London what. Malaysian and Singaporean also has realised the importance of such transportation

Gennaro said...

It's not perfect, but it's a lot better than most big cities have in terms of metros or public transportation in general

C K said...

People say that the London Underground is hugely overpriced. Can you give us an idea as to how much the equivalent transit system in Sydney cost?

Haha, really? Sorry to hear that. I've not seen one of those yet. Will definitely look out for it when I'm in Covent Garden.

You know what? Unlike MRT, the Tube's seats actually come with cushion padding. And no, those back home aren't considered 'sardine packed'. I have my face pasted on a fellow passenger on a daily basis over here. lol

Is there mass transit over at your end? Tube is not the best but I'll make do for the time being. If only it can be a bit cheaper.

Haha, I noticed that as well. You know what? The line that I'm using happens to be functioning. Darn, that means I've got to turn up for work.

True, true. It's just that the carriage is not as wide as those in KL and in S'pore thus the 'complaints'.

Surprisingly, the one over at Lille looks much better. Some might argue that Paris' Metro too. But I beg to differ.