Monday, February 9, 2009

The Pros and Cons of Online Shopping - 1 of 2

online+shopping+uk+londonLooking for the latest tight fitting t-shirt from Abercrombie and Fitch but find it too much a hassle to go all the way down to its flagship store at Savile Row? Holding a party this weekend but just can't find time to pop by Waitrose or Sainsbury to get that tender shoulder steaks? Or thinking of getting a new sidetable to replace the one chewed to bits by your puppy?

Not to fret 'cause there is always online shopping. With a click of a button, merchandise and supplies that are once beyond your reach will be delivered to your doorstep often with only a small handling fee. In many instances, they are even cheaper as compared to getting them off the high streets.

After coming to London, I have begun to take online shopping for granted. Dominated by Amazon and Ebay, it seems that every major retail store are doing a thriving business online. In fact, some actually earn more online than from their physical shops.
Men's view on shopping
A Singaporean friend of mine, based here in London, was recently sent a parcel for her birthday from her folks back home through a UK online retailer. Unfortunately, when she tried to return the favor, she ran into a snag - her mother's favorite store Tangs doesn't have an online store. She ended up shipping her presents back incurring a hefty shipping charge that was comparable to the price tag of the gifts.

But is online shopping over hyped? Or will it one day replace brick and mortar businesses? In the next post, we'll take a look at the pros and cons of it from my experiences navigating the jungle of online shopping thus far.

Meanwhile, as always, I would love to hear your experiences.

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Emm said...

We do all of our shopping on and Sainburys always lands up to be cheaper than Tesco or Asda. I don't have the patience for shopping in actual stores - I am a rarity in that I hate shopping!

C K said...

Ah... a rarity indeed. Some guys just get it easy, don't they? :)

I'm not too sure with online shopping with groceries. Would it still be fresh when it arrive?

Emm said...

I often find the vegetables to be more fresh when we buy online, as they come straight from the fresh foods distribution centre. All meat gets frozen anyway, so that is not an issue for us. We don't buy bread because Ste works in a bakery!

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Martin in Bulgaria said...

Livign in Bulgaria sometime the only way you can get certain things is online shopping. Mostly on eBay, the trouble is the unreliability of the postal service toe Bulgaria. We tend not to fidn someone who is coming over form the UK and use tham as a carrier. We have found that it is so much cheaper with only shopping as well. This is the future of shopping the High Street shopping has it's days numbered. Great news for men!!!

C K said...

Hmm, I've not tried online grocery purchase yet. But I've heard of some stories about fruits and veg arrived nearing their expiry dates. Perhaps the distributors have cleaned up their act?

Well, at least your bread is being taken care of. :)

Will go check it out. Thanks!

I've never lived outside a city before but I can imagine how it's like. Hey, I wouldn't mind the occational high street shopping. I can spend hours at HMV and Curries. lol

Emm said...

Perhaps it has to do with the way we shop then - we shop every two weeks and finish absolutely everything in those two weeks. Very grown up and thrifty of us!

C K said...

That's possible only if you have a large fridge. Mine is one of those really small ones. As a result, I've got to restock it every three days or so.

Really time consuming. Lesson learnt - get a rental property with a larger fridge.

Emm said...

Heh. My brother is diabetic and we have to stock his insulin so we in fact have two fridges anyway. His insulin would fill up a small fridge like yours for sure!