Saturday, February 28, 2009

Pillow fight at Hyde Park (Marble Arch) - London Flash Mob by Facebook


After being alerted by Chocmuffins that the giant pillow fight is going to take place in London, I promptly changed my plans for the afternoon and went down for a glimpse of the action.

Let's have a recap: Facebook, after its failed attempt to recreate a T-Mobile styled flash mob in Liverpool Street Tube station, has organized yet another event in Central London. This time round, a giant pillow fight was planned at Hyde Park's Speakers Corner at 12pm on 28th Feb.

I was there early and managed to capture the rather interesting chain of events, and here's a blow by blow account.

Arrived at Hyde Park Speakers' Corner. No one here yet. There were three police patrol cars and a CCTV van at a corner.

Still no one here. Surveyed the area and picked a good spot to cover the area. Some members of the police has arrive (12 in total) and covered all entrances into the area.

Two guys with SLRs are staking out the area as well. One went up to the other

"Do you reckon its going to happen?"
"Hard to say, let's give it a couple of minutes."

Three policemen stood in the middle of the area designated for the fight.

Two burly guys with knapsacks arrived at the scene. One of them unzipped his knapsack and wanted to pulled out a pillow but decided against it as the three policemen approached them.

The hour of reckoning has arrived but no one else was in sight save for two more guys with knapsacks. That gave us a grand total of four pillow fighters. They look at each other sheepishly and shuffled their feet while hoping for the best.

The party of four decided to give it a go anyway. With pillows in their hands, they started whacking each other silly. The photographers (now numbered four) rushed to the front and started clicking.

Exhausted, the pillow fighters decided to call it a day and exchange handshakes. Surely that was something that would be told to their grandchildren in time to come.

Just as they were leaving, something caught their eye and they whipped out their pillows and ran towards Marble Arch itself. Following them, I realized that the pillow fighters, after noticing the presence of police, quickly decided a change in venue in favor of Marble Arch itself.

There were approximately 50 people over at Marble Arch having a go at each other with their pillows indiscriminately! I must add that those pillows come in all colours - though plain o' white was the predominant choice, some were brown, fluffy pink or even pokka dotted. Just wondering whether they were going to sleep on the same pillow that very night.

Scores of policemen were watching the event dispassionately and I caught the conversation between two bemused looking bobbies.

"Do you reckon that those were feathered?"
"I've absolutely no idea but it'll be more comfortable though."


With every ounce of energy expended, the pillow fighters decided to it was enough for the day and promptly took some time to enjoy some basking under the afternoon sun. With a pillow handily available, who could blame them?


The calm before the storm


The calvary covering the event


Seal off the entrances!


Coverage of the event arrived


Where are the rest?


There they are! A jolly good party we have


Let the fight begin! And the cameras went clicking away


NOW we are talking...


"Wonder whether they are using feathered pillows..."

Show no mercy!


Shucks, that was some workout!

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LadyBanana said...

Haha, I never heard a thing about it!

Hindleyite said...

Looks like it was fun! Bah, wish they did this sort of thing where I live. Oh well, time to entre the World Pie Eating Championships! :D

Andy Whitehead said...

It was great fun. I got accused of cheating for using two pillows, but I think that was just smarts on my behalf. Good times

David said...

Hahas, great blog.. just dropping by btw! have a nice day!!

EastCoastLife said...

It looks fun! haha...

I can't believe people actually bring pillows to fight with strangers in public. :)

Beamer said...

That's pretty funny. You might have a career in Photo journalism.


Makoy said...

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iWalk said...

What a interesting event!

I hope I could be there fight with you! :P

C K said...

I would have missed it too if not for Metro.

Is the pie eating competition hosted over at your end? I've seen a hotdog eating competition before. Let's say that I stayed off hotdogs thereafter. :)

So you are the guy who went around with two pillows! Haha... well, the rules didn't exactly say anything about bringing more than one. People just assume...

Thanks for stopping by, cheers!

Oh yah, you'll be surprised at the stuff people do over here. Perhaps I can get pictures of some of those hen/stag parties...

Thanks! That's an option though... :)

I can assure you that you would have whipped me upside down. lol

Kikit said...

i've never heard anything about pillow fight. i can always do it with anyone at home though. :)

the way your presented the event made me laugh too. haha :)

localjoost said...

Nice, just saw myself on one of the pics (coverage of the event arrived)

thx :)