Sunday, February 22, 2009

Something smells fishy

Yogurt has never been my favourite snack. Of late, due to my ever expanding waistline, a colleague of mine suggested getting yogurt for breakfast instead of the (horror of horrors) peanut butter toasts.
Pizza Oregano - Best kept secret?

Very Lazy indeed - the easy way out in cooking
Facing the fact that my metabolism rate is on its declined, I reluctantly trotted over to our friendly neighbourhood Tesco to stock up some yogurt.

The array present on the shelves was nothing short of terrifying. There are lots of names that I have not seen before and half of them I can't pronounce.

I was at a dilemma until something caught my eye. Hmmm....


Credit crunch or not, this is too much. Needless to say, I promptly bought two.

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Dutchie said...

Hey, I did try the yogurt diet b4 I left for Europe ! Can't remember if it did helped. I did spend a little fortune at Slender Lady - just dehydrating while lying down with a magazine every saturday morning. I lost 10kg after 10 treatments :-) The cold n food that I can't abide here helps te maintain my weight until age n slowed metabolism put me back to the same weight prior to my marriage. I'm comfy with myself tho, no point agonizing over a taut physique that's not ever going to reappear :-o

Is ur fruity yogurt sugar-free ? Got to watch out for the calories per cup ! I can't stomach cold food in general. Hubby likes his fruit yogurt als after-dinner desserts but I prefer to gnaw a fruit - lol. The same for cold spread (salads at social functions here) which I never touched.

Hope u enjoyed ur yogurt b/fast n let us know if it works ?

Perhaps our friends here hv diet wonders to impart ?

SheR. said...

>>Hey Dutchie and CK!
Yeah.. Yoghurt can be extremely healthy but it depends on which type you choose! Most flavoured yoghurts have loads of sugar added!!

Want to go for less sinful options? Get plain yoghurt!!! Yeap! ;) Add cereal or your own fruit bits instead!

ket said...

I hope you didn't buy 2 for £3?!there was the same offer in my local Tesco and I bought 2 for £2.48 by asking the cashier to put them through on 2 seperate receipts. I'm always horrified at supermarkets trying it on with offers like this, such a cheek!

Jenny Fletcher said...

Tesco are about the worst for this. I noticed the other day that they were selling loose croissants and pastries on the bakery counter for MORE than the same pastries in a non-recyclable plastic box. I complained to the customer service desk who just handed me a card to call head office (at my expense) and said 'we don't set the prices'. Yes, but they have a responsibility to see that they are correct and logical!

Shinade said...

Hi C Kat,
Hey the prices over here are astounding also.

You can just pick up a few things and already you've spent $100.

I haven't tried the yogurt diet either. I did try a totally non fat diet once and it worked quite well.

But, I have found that if I just drink gallons of water and get a little exercise that I lose weight quite easily.

Of course, as I am always sitting in front of this computer I haven't lost any lately!!

I hope you have a great week and good luck!!:-)))

Shinade said...

Oh yes very catchy new header!!:-)

kyh said...

I'm glad that my metabolism is so high that no matter how much I eat, my waist line remains around 30". :P

FĂ«anor said...

Yoghurt is totally passe. Get with the programme, folks! What you need is kumyss.