Sunday, March 29, 2009

Cherry blossoms in London

Cherry+blossom+LondonThink cherry blossoms and Japan would come to mind. The sea of blossoms with a tinge of pink would sweep southwards from Hokkaido in January to Tokyo and Kyoto in end March every year. Due to the nature of my work, I never had the chance to catch a glimpse of this marvelous scene that is beautifully portrayed in a number of Japanese and Korean dramas.

Over in London, an option would be to take a train down to Cotswald's Batsarb Arboretum, which portrayed itself as "Cotwald's secret garden". There awaits the UK's national collection of Japanese village cherries, sato-sakura group.

For the rest of us, there's always the occasional tree that sits prettily at a corner of a street. Not sure whether this tree is related to cherry blossoms but it will do fine for me.

London's Kew Gardens - a riot of colours

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Dutchie said...

We had several such trees in the neighbourhood. Trouble is, when it withers, the debris tend to clot up the nearby drains, so the residents had it removed, one by one. There is still a row of them at the parking lots n they r useful as shelter against the hot sun in the summer.

Actually I find the term cherry blossoms rather quaint as they dont bear any cherries - haha.

I know of a villa here that has rows of cherry trees. When the fruit season is peaking, the resident uses huge nets to cover the trees against the birds picking the trees bare of fruits !

Cherries r one of my fave fruits bec it's always sweet n refreshing. Some older homes here put out signs in the summer to sell off surplus of pears, apples, prunes, strawberries, jams n potatoes. The pears r the best of the whole lot. The price is compatible with elsewhere. We buy them when we chanced upon them during our long walks in the summer.

Cashmere said...

You're not alone.. I didn't get the chance to see cherry blossom over there too.. But I hope I'll be able to catch it someday..

Nomadic Matt said...

i didnt even know it the weather was that warm in london now!

Anonymous said...

Lovely - we have different trees here - not quite those big blooms but they are nice too here.

sixmats said...

It's about that time.