Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Copycat Banksy in London streets

Copycat+BanksyMore bad news for those of us who are huge fans of Banksy. Not only is the London most famous grafitti artist widely believed to be a regular middle class guy and not quite the working class underdog that he made himself to be, a number of imitations have sprung up in the capital.

Like Banksy, these budding artists avoid using brightly coloured neon spraycans and opt for plain o' stenciling. Clearly, they still have some way to go.

I have never figured out those huge neon grafitti that plagued many European cities. Honestly, I'm grateful that London is not that affected. At least not yet.

Give me stencilling anytime.

A graffiti artist dream come true

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Martin in Bulgaria said...

You love or hate Banksy, a cult hero to many. Personally I think that anyone who defaces pulic areas should be put away regardless of their artistic talents. there is a place to prove your talent. Copy cats have just jumped on the bandwagon, lets hope it doesn't escalate to European proportions. Like you say it's been capped in London up untl now due to Big Brother tactics.