Sunday, March 15, 2009

Some lovely pants with your coffee, Sir?

Your hands would be shaking so much that you would have problem trying it on. Hey, it's one size fits all anyway.

British humour - either you get it or you don't

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Dutchie said...

20 cups of coffee in one go or can u save the 20 receipts at ur leisure n trade it in for the freebie ?

I hv been saving coupons from packages of coffee. 10 points per pack. I need a minimum of 3000 points just to get a spoon (collector's item in their brochure) n 9000 points to trade in for a teapot !! This marketing strategy works bec consumers here likes the special gifts from the coffee producer. I usually cut out the coupon out of habit. Has been saving them for alot of years but am too lazy to travel the long distance just to pick up the gift at the factory outlet.

Airmiles todate r the best when it comes to a trade-in. Banks with their loyalty credits offers a range of products at abt the same cost as in the shops, plus a charge in admin/delivery/insurance.
If they were to give me 1ct for every credit, I would be happy to trade in my 2.8 million credit points. Every 2 years, unused credits r wiped clean which is just not fair !

R there interesting trade-in schemes in other countries ?

waitingkitty said...

Nice! But do I need to buy 20 coffees at a go?

Nomadic Matt said...

free pants! excellent! especially if you are not wearing any

Martin In Bulgaria said...

I hope the pants don't come with coffee stains on them!

Top Bird @ Wee Birdy said...

Hello there, thanks for visiting me. Lovely blog you've got here, shall add you to my blogroll. xx

Jade said...

Haha What a promotion! Ok I wouldn't sleep for a couple of nights so I can get a new underwear;)

C K said...

No, it's 20 cups at one go as the place doesn't issue receipts. So I think it's more of a gimmick than not. :)

I'm saving up for my krisflyer for a return flight to Hong Kong from Singapore. Still quite some way to go... oh well. At this rate I'm going, I might as well pay for the flight.

One thing that I'm pretty surprised is that UK banks do not offer any perks for using credit cards (points etc.) unlike S'pore. Then again, it seems that Britons need no encouragement when it comes to using their credit cards.

Hey, 2.8 million credit points sounds like quite a bit. What can that get you anyway? Better interest rate at the bank?

Not so sure about any trade-in schemes over here in the UK though...

Yep, you get 20 cups in one go. Not really possible isn't it? You could probably bring a bucket and ask them fill it up. :)

Haha, I guess after downing 20 cups of coffee, you wouldn't feel like wearing any pants...

That I wouldn't know... they look kind of dubious though.

@Top Bird,
Thanks for the link! I must add that you've got a fabulous site over there.

Haha, just hope that you wouldn't go prancing around with just that underwear. Not pretty, not pretty at all...

Dutchie said...

The credit points can only be redeemed for gift vouchers. For instance :
€ 75,00 + 7500 pts for the Spa.
€125,00 + 12500 pts for a specialty shop gift voucher
€150,00 + 15000 pts for a Acer Shopping coupon.

According to their brochure, the cash price is half of what the shops r charging. That is not true bec the bank is charging € 69,00 + 69000 pts for a senseo coffee percolator which is the same price as in the shops, without the extra loyalty points. The delivery cost, etc makes it all the more unattractive to trade in the points. So u see, I'm stuck with useless points *pouts*

Hubby has problems saving enough airmiles for a free ticket bec he flies with different airlines. We hv given up on the chance of ever benefitting from them bec it's fragmented into 3 schemes - oh well.