Thursday, April 30, 2009

Sedap - London Malaysian food (Old Street)

Nasi+Lemak+Sedap+London+Old+StreetFor those of us who cannot get enough of Straits food in Singapore Day 2009, we're thrown a lifeline at Sedap, which has set up shop at Old Street. A colleague of mine chanced upon Sedap on Timeout London and I was on my way to try it out that very evening.


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FĂ«anor said...

Good one, old chap. Maybe next time we can pop over there for lunch? (I must say, though, that knowing that this is run by the same person who's got the Notting Hill Nyonya is not exactly heartwarming - although the food there is good, the staff is hardly friendly. Not hostile, but not very warm either.)

Reeta said...

I have tried the Nyonya at Notting Hill and thought it was brilliant! The waiters were very attentive and friendly especially with my 2 yr old cousin causing much of a stir...

I'm relatively new to the London places to eat. May I know where Kiasu is?

Dutchie said...

Some months back I read that a prominent female chef from SG has opened an authentic restaurant in London that Gordon Ramsey even gave her the thumbs up ... but I cant recall the name now :-/

Penang food has a different twist that SG food. I find it srange to hv prawns in the char kway teow. Doesnt the slightest hint of fishiness spoils the whole experience ? Give me lap cheong anytime :-)

Do office workers lunch out often ? Here the majority bring their own cheese sandwich. A handful does lunch at the canteen, where the usual fare is sandwiches, soups n fruitsalads, amounting to 5 euro. U can make ur own ham-n-lettuce sandwich for less than 50ct with ingredients from the supermarkt - hehe.

Having said that, the meagre demand for restaurant food here has resulted in it being expensive to eat out n there's little innovation in the dishes being served.

I gathered from SG foodblogs that the latest rage is Japanese, followed by eteries with pasta dishes. SG has that wonder, dont u think ? Food is constantly renewing which makes it a great experience to eat out :-)) The hawkers on the other hand r still serving familiar dishes which would make us feel right at home !

SheR. said...

Hey Dutchie.
It's the same case for restaurants in Croatia. It usually cost us an arm and a leg to eat out. And now I worry about the hygiene conditions in the kitchen... I rather eat at home since Ur Resident Chef is reining in the kitchen.

No.. I didn't open any restaurants in London.. yet! :P *thick-skinned*

C K said...

Sorry for not replying to comments these few days. It has been (still is) hellish at work.

I think that's a tad too far even for you. Unless we plan to catch a cab! Anyway, it's not the same management as Nyonya. The present owner bought the business over, even the utensils as well!

Well, the present owner (Julie) was really friendly when we were there.

You can try calling for a delivery though...

Nyonya was fine when I was there. I took the Nasi Lemak as well. Aw, I'm a sucker for that.

Kiasu is over at Baywater and it's opposite Baywater Tube station. You can't miss it. Just ask around.

Oh, Reeta, I've got your email and will reply to that in a bit. Cheers and great to hear from another Singaporean in London.

I've heard about that as well! Not sure where but will definitely post about it if I drop by the restaurant.

Been to Ming Jiang, which opens up at London as well. Apparently, the food here (for some reason) taste much better than the one back home. Hmm...

Most of us over here in London would just pop to the cafe and grab a sandwich. It cost around £2-£3 for a serving. I need two of those to fill up my stomach so I'll bring some chow from home as well.

Not so sure what's the latest rage back home. I went straight to my favorite haunts when I visited S'pore two weeks back.

LOL!! You just have to push that point through, don't you?

Well, with a chef at home, I'm sure I wouldn't want to eat out either.

Oh, really sorry about not picking up your call during SG Day... believe it or not, you called in while it was my turn at the Chicken rice stall... LOL. Missed the call as result.

I met up with a pal from Germany though. Apparently, you are (in)famous in the Overseas Singaporean group... being the only one from Croatia!

Martin in Bulgaria said...

Great open honest and upfront review CK.

EC1, EC2, EC3, EC4, WC1, WC2 and N1 looked like food additives. lol

Anonymous said...

Oh my - now i'm hungry! i miss my mum's cooking - Nyonya food - sigh!

*lynne* said...

The one and only Malaysian restaurant in Chicago had a fire last year, no sign of reopening. Sob sob sob! I like the choice of restaurant name - "sedap" -- sounds like it kinda lives up to its name :) Glad you have a lifeline, as you say, for the food you miss :D

SheR. said...

You owe me one!!! Missed my call because of Chicken Rice?!!!! :P Okok.. it's undestandable...the Q was horrendous.. most of us refused to queue for it.. cos we can cook it at home.

Infamous??? *brurs* What did I do now? I'm not the only one in Croatia.. we have another lady hiding out here!:P

Ok.. own up.. who's spreading rumours about me?

We went to Golden Mine Queensway.. passed by Kiasu. But so glad we chose the former. Roast Duck was soooooo delicious. And Mr K fell in love with Frog Legs Kung Po style! Heheheheh

Oi.. Take care of your health. Swine Flu spreading!!!

SHIMI said...

proud and nice to be here

Anonymous said...

Kiasu is closed ... for good (problems with the landlord). Sorry about that!

M.Guan Lim, Jimmer said...

nice one. makes me miss singapore and malaysian food so much. been here in london since 2000 and actually i cant recall going to sedap. i think i might pop down there soon. :)

Anonymous said...

I have been here quite a number of times in the last 2-3 years, just because it's the clsoest Malaysian/Singaporean restaurant around. I have to agree with Feanor though, their service is never friendly. I also don't see how their food warrants as much praise as it's received! I make better roti from the same supermarket brand they use, at least I make an effort to make it fluffy! Their chicken rice is dire and management is infelexible, all I wanted was a whole leg and not the measly pidgeon sized chicken portions. If you think theirs is good, you would think I make a killer H.Chicken rice - from the Prima packets!

M- East London