Friday, April 24, 2009

Singapore Arab Street (Kampong Glam)

Sultan+Mosque+-+Kampong+Glam+SingaporeArab Street, the main enclave for Arabs who settled down in Singapore or Singapura as the tiny island was known then, is known for its numerous fabric shops that are found along its entire stretch. A couple of hundred metres away lies Bugis Junction Mall, which seems to be a totally different world.

Sultan Mosque, which houses the former Malay royalty in Singapore, dominates Arab Street's skyline to the northeast. That's normally where the tourists would flock to. However, unknown to many, the best time to visit the area would be around 6pm. As the sun sets, the golden dome of Sultan Mosque catches the final rays of light and that makes a picture perfect setting for a relaxing evening in the many food stalls at the intersection between Baghdad Street and Bussorah Street.

Teh+tarik+man+Singapore+Arab+StreetFind a table in the open, grab a plastic chair and tuck into a plate of mee goreng (Malay fried noodles), which goes for a reason price of around S$3 (a mere £1.30). To round up the day, top it up with a piping hot teh tarik (S$0.70) and watch the sun sets as you nurse the drink.

That's one side of Singapore that most tourists miss out on.

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Martin in Bulgaria said...


Funny bit I never wouldhave though about Arabs being in Singapore, let alone an area for Arab communities.

The food is seemingly well priced there.

Anonymous said...

i used to work one street down from Arab street - i love the area - yes it is an area which is missed out by many - great to see you highlighting it ;)

sixmats said...

Oh man, I can't wait to get to Singapore. The thought of the food makes me hungry! (I have no plans to go just yet, but I want to.)

Dutchie said...

They hv revamped the place well. Looks like a nice venue for dining al-fresco on indian food.

Most of the indian restaurants in Little India were too cramped n hot ! Even the fans from the ceiling doesnt seemed to elevate the heat :-) That n eating super spicy food - oh man! It's just a very hot experience !