Thursday, May 14, 2009

5 reasons why you should jog back home from work

The jog back home went fine and thanks your comments and rather comforting encouragements. In fact, it went more than fine I would say as I was able to complete the run in good time and in one piece. Despite the rush hour traffic, irate commuters heading home and fickle weather, there are some really good reasons why one should jog back home from work and here are five of them.

No one knows that you're leaving
Despite the financial easing measures taken by the Bank of England, firms are continuing laying off their staff with British Telecom just announcing further job cuts in addition to the 10,000 planned. This is a good time to be seen around in the office working late or more precisely the impression that you are having a late night in the office.

So be sure to greet everyone else on your way out in your jogging gear and leaving your briefcase in the office.

"Hey Tom, looks like it's going to be another late night today. Going out for a jog to keep myself fresh. See you in a bit!"

Head straight home after that. Tom is going to be worried about how late you have stayed till that night. Sink the dagger in by sending a mass mail through your office email by remote access at midnight.

Save money for worthwhile causes
Other than the obvious health reason, there are obvious savings involve. As the saying goes "Wealth is Health", or is it the other way round? Hmm, never mind that.

Assuming you commute home from work by bus, that'll shave off £1 per day or £1.60 if you were to take the Tube. For the more athletic amongst us, it'll save you much more if you are staying outside Zone 1 and prepared to put in that extra effort.

Imagine the savings if you are jogging to work as well. A quid here and there would certainly add to your weekly Euromillions lottery investment.

Escape the jams
Who needs the daily grinding of the Underground? The last thing you would need is to have your face shoved up someone's underarms. To motivate yourself during the jog, keep chanting "Please mind the Gap!"

Be healthy
Not everyone is made for the marathon. That said, human beings are not built to cover 42.125km in less than 3 hours. That's madness and does irreversible damage to our fragile bodies. However, if the alternative to jogging back home is to have a pint at the local pub with your pals while relegated to shivering in the winds puffing off that cigarette, you might be better off hitting the road.

Leave work on time
By lugging your jogging gear into the office, you're making a commitment to yourself. That is, you're committed to leaving the office on time. Well, 15min earlier to be precise - to get ready so that you can be out of your office on the dot.

And remember to greet Tom on your way out.

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Emm said...

This is such a funny post!! I laughed out loud and had to explain to my whole office why I did so. (We all found your post funny). Thisis a real encouragement for me to start being a little more active... will let you know how that goes.

Anonymous said...

Well Done!! i would not job - but if it were possible, i would not mind swimming home ;)

Nomadic Matt said...

but what if you are in a suit? who wants to ruin in their suit!

Dutchie said...

My BIL is 100kg+ on his 5'10" ht. His employer implements an annual weighing-in to keep the cost of insurance to an acceptable level.

Well, BIL failed every yr no matter how he tried. One of his trials is cycling the 15km to work instead of driving. Downside is arriving, drenched in sweat ! Ditto on the return trip.

As for myself, a brisk walk to the train station takes 30mins n at the other end, when the trams r often delayed, I walked another 25mins to get to the office. Am tired n irritated even b4 I start my day ! It's a far cry from those days when a 7min ride on the bus would get me to my Orchard Office !

C K said...

Glad that it provided you with some entertainment. I was thinking about writing about the scenary along my run. But I don't supposed the Bank of England and huge grey buildings would make much of a post...

Speaking of which, there're no public swimming pools in my area that I know of. Given a choice, I would prefer swimming to jogging... knees giving me some problems of late.

Who says anything about a suit? I smuggled in a tattered t-shirt and running shorts in my work bag... and turn up for work the following day with another suit and sporting my jogging shoes. lol

I realised that many couldn't keep their weight down due to excessive drinking and carbo. Perhaps that could be the cause for your BiL?

The irony is that I would actually get home faster if I jog as compared to taking the Tube. Don't even get me started about the public transport back home - it wasn't exactly a good experience for me. Oh well, perhaps it's where I resided.