Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Death defying stunt in London

I am going to attempt something today that I have never done before. Something unthinkable, something unbelievable, something death defying. I don't even know whether I would survive to tell the tale tomorrow so I thought I'll better post about this first. For this is going to be huge.

I am going to jog home from the office. *pausing for oohs and aahs*

You heard that right. I am going to make my way back home from the City through the jostling crowd and rush hour traffic. That in itself is going to be a harrowing experience. Did I mention that the winds are currently at 17 mph and it's around 15 deg Celsius outside? That's going to give a whole new meaning to wind beneath my feet.


If Google Map is any accurate, the distance would be around 5km and I should be able to cover that within 30min, which is pretty optimistic, provided I don't get lost. Considering that the last time I ran 2.4km was during my reservist training a couple of years back, this is going to be a pretty big feat.

Oh puleeze, enough of that already. 5km is no big deal. A healthy adult could probably walked that distance in 45min. Fine.

Jogging is probably one of the national pastime in London. During my daily lunch outings, I could see dozens of people whizzing past me while I stuff my face with Pret sandwiches. Cobbled walkways filled camera toting tourists pose no threat to them. In comparison, sitting on the bench by the Tower of London munching my egg mayo sandwich feels like a sin.

Turning to the ever so reliable Google Map, I charted out a manageable route. A route that is simple and straightforward would do just fine. 5km will be a start, 37.195km more to go.

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Dutchie said...

Yeah, I know that my bros n his cronies do train on getting their stamina back b4 they go on reservist - haha. R u due anytime soon ?

Hubby n I do take long walks in the warmer months around the farming community here - a round trip is easily 10km which takes us 1,5hrs to complete n shussed our conscience a bit - lol.

5km is not too bad but I wouldnt want to hv leg cramps after a long day in the office ! Hv a backup riding near u .. just in case eh ?

SheR. said...

A friend of ours who live in Ealing cycles daily from Westminster college where she works to home (to and fro).

Oh and did I mention she's more than 50 years old?

Try beating that! :P

Emm said...

Ha! Good luck! I walk about that a day but in four intervals. I really should try actually running.

drcrab said...

hey, we just did a 5 mile walk on the weekend... 5km is less than 3 miles? my husband walks that to work on days he's not in the car! can one!! donch scared!!

Martin in Bulgaria said...

Join the club that loces joggin, it is a great feeling being fit and getting a BUZZ when you feel you can run around the world after your second wind. I hope you find out what I mean.

A Mom's Choice said...

Good luck on your jog, sounds exciting. I miss my running days. Wow enjoy and don't forget to take in the wonderful attractions too. Sometimes the simplest things in life are the most memorable.

waitingkitty said...

Ambitious! Good Luck! I should get my lazy body moving too...

Anonymous said...

hello... hapi blogging... have a nice day! just visiting here....

yanjie said...

The last time I tried jogging outside, I had to stop because of a brain freeze. :P Glad that you survived and enjoyed it!

C K said...

SAF has kindly acceded to my request for deferment. (Have to give them some credit, else my next request will not be approved).

During my last reservist, there were some old (ahem) soldiers who were with us. While some of them were rather stout and had problems catching up, some fitter ones put the rest of us to shame.

Btw, I always carry a couple of quid with me during jogging lest my legs decided to give up on me and I need to hop on a cab. :p

Can you please not try to rub it in? Did you had a chance to do a bit jogging while you were in London?

Four intervals? I would guess that they would be between work/home and work/lunch, no?

I guess I was inspired after watching London Marathon by the sidelines. 5km is a start. :)

Hey! 5km is around 3.1 miles. At least that's what Google tells me. Thanks, but it got a bit tiring during the second time round. Will have to factor in more recovery time.

I have always enjoyed jogging, even as a student. That's probably because of my puny frame, which rendered me pretty useless in other contact sports. So, are you a jogger as well?

Thanks! Hmm, perhaps you can consider burning off more energy now in anticipation for the ba changs! lol

Thanks for stopping by!

I did have 'brain freeze' once when I tried jogging during the first Autumn when I was here. Guess I wasn't accustom to the temp yet. But once you are tuned in, you'll be in trouble when you return to Singapore, if you know what I mean.

Emm said...

Ha! No - I barely make it out of the office at lunch time, although I might start making an effort in future.

No, it is a walk to the train in the morning and then from the train to the office. Because it i broken up like that, apparently it doesn't count as real exercise.