Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Prima Taste - taste of home in a faraway land

A friend of ours just came by London for a training course and I would have asked her to help us 'import' some Prima Taste Ready-to-Cook packs if not for the fact that we carted a carton of assortment back to London during our recent trip back home.

There in my cabinet lie neglected packs of Prima Taste Ready-to-Cook Laksa, Hainanese Chicken Rice, Rendang Beef, Prawn Noodles and Mee Siam. In fact, I have almost forgotten about them until I came across doctorcrab's escapade with Prima Taste's chicken rice.

Prima+Taste+Hainanese+Chicken+RiceAs can be seen in the photo, Prima Taste's Hainanese Chicken Rice is currently selling for S$6.45 (£2.80) per pack back in Singapore. Oddly, it's selling for £2.60 at the provision stores in London's Chinatown. I would imagine that having flown halfway across the world, it would be at least as expensive as where it came from. I don't think I would be able to figure that out but one thing's for sure, my suitcase would be stuffed with Prima Taste the next time I fly back home from London.

Anyway, how does the Prima Taste Ready-to-Cook meal compare to the real thing? Surprisingly well for most part apparently although I find the Hainanese Chicken Rice a tad too salty so you might want to go easy on the condiments if you are trying it out for the first time.

Come to think of it, Prima Taste might just be giving the likes of Rasa Sayang, Jom Makan and Sedap a run for their money. Now, if only Prima Taste would come up with a decent instant teh tarik.

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Lucie said...

lol ... the thriftiness of the Singaporean in London never fails to amaze me! pointing out the 20p difference - and would you really stuff your suitcase full of these things and reimport them back when you go home? :o))

and I wonder ... is this a particularly Singaporean thing?

C K said...

LOL, thrifty? Hardly, cheapskate's more likely and I can assure you that it's just me. That said, consider giving Prima Taste's beef rendang a try, it doesn't take a genius to conjure up a credible meal with the instructions.

I wonder whether there's any good Czech eats in London. I'm sure you can point us to a few. Cheers!

Lilliy said...

I was an expat in Canada and every time I went home "Jeddah" my mom would fill my suit case with food. like special bread packed and dates and juice syrup. I can find all that in Montreal but bringing it from home always felt more special.

Dutchie said...

CK, Prima in dutch means "OK, fine, great" Since we r on the topic of food, we also say "lekker" alot for anything that is yummy (cute guys n girls r called "lekker ding").

Rite, abt the food paste - $6,45 is steep. I wonder if it would attract the locals there ? I hv tried making the chicken rice with seasoning, ginger n garlic - they r cheaper than what I had from a jar of broth from Lee Kum Kee ! The only diff is that LKK's tasted much more intense.

Do u just add water to the laksa paste ? Fresh coconut milk is not available here, I think I would like to try the laksa if the taste is just as good as in SG.

Recently I bought packs of char siew paste made in thailand. They were just as good. The sale was 50% off n I paid 49ct each ! Enough to marinate 500grams of meat. This could be a rare chance bec the shipment was slightly damaged. Usually paste for local taste like chili con carne, tikka masala, spaghetti sauce, etc cost 1,99 to serve up 4 plates of the dish.

drcrab said...

hello! :) long time no speak.

yes, the chicken rice was yums - esp since I don't get a daily/weekly/monthly fix of asian food (with chinatown being 2 hours away?!) so gotta fill the kitchen cabinets with Prima's food. Incidentally my local asian food store doesn't carry it anymore, so I bought these in London.

The rendang was good too, and hey, my hubby actually made Laksa (follow instructions, vvv difficult to go wrong!)...! viola!

pam x

SheR. said...

There's a pack of Coconut powder included in the Laksa mix!!

I just received my rations! :P Ooo... love the Prima Laksa! Awesome!

I got my Prawn noodle pack too. Gotta try it someday! :)

yanjie said...

I'm not a big fan of laksa, but don't know why, of all things my relatives highly recommend me to bring to London as a in-case-you-miss-singapore-food-emergency supply, it was Prima Taste Laksa Pre mix.

I can see why now. It's just so good! And you can make it even thicker by adding less water. :P

@Dutchie: The Laksa premix has everything you need for the sauce, coconut, spices and all that jazz. Just add water and boil!

C K said...

Ah... nothing like the stuff from home. I still have got this case of knick knacks that my colleagues got for me in London even after two years.

'Lekker'? Hey, that's what Martin was saying as well. Not sure what that means in Bulgaria though. Martin, care to enlighten us?

Well, if you consider each portion of chicken rice goes for around $3 in the hawker centres and this pack is enough for 5-7 people (minus the chicken and rice of course), it's not too bad.

As for the laksa, well, SheR and yanjie just answered your question. Just add hot water and presto!

Char Siew paste? Hmm... need to look out for some of those the next time I am in Chinatown. :)

I noticed that the stores here didn't stock Prima for awhile and that was the main reason why I went ballastic on my trip back... only to find the stores restocked it at a cheaper price on my return to London.

Try the laksa with prawns and a hard boiled egg... hmmm...

Tell me how the Prawn noodles go. I've not tried it yet. Not sure whether egg spagetti goes with with it.

If not for the coconut paste in the Laksa gravy, I would probably have 'save' it for another day as we couldn't finish everything up.

Somehow, the Prima Laksa taste much better as compared to those sold back home, don't you think?

Dutchie said...

Sher, yanjie n CK - thanks for the info. I'm salivating as I read the good experiences with the paste.

I had the chicken thawed, just in case a longing for the laksa becomes overpowering .... n it is indeed. I'm off to get it cooked with my own laksa recipe !

Anonymous said...

Hello all,

I'm sure all of U already aware that U can import them and it will be delivered free from Prima Taste!

C K said...

Erm, not sure whether you're by anyway affiliated to that website but boy, it is dear to ship those Prima packs across from S'pore. If I'm not wrong, it's in excess of S$50 for delivery charges... I might as well get it over here in Leicester Square. Anyway, fresh stocks have come in again!