Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Sedap - London's cheap lunch takeaway

After hearing rave reviews about Sedap's lunch takeaways from some of my colleagues, who gave it a try having read my review on the restaurant, I decided to take a break from Pret and called for a Sedap takeaway instead. During my chat with the owner Julie, she mentioned that I would just have to call an hour before for lunch takeaways. Well, to give Sedap some headaway (and to ensure that I got my lunch on time), I called at around 11am to have my lunch delivered to my office at 12.30pm.

The person who answered the phone happened to be this really polite guy who served us at the restaurant last week (yes, I drop by the place every now and then). After taking down just my office's postcode, he confirmed the entire address within seconds. In fact, the entire order was taken within half a minute, which was surprisingly efficient.

I sat back, twiddling my fingers while bidding my time for lunch.

At precisely 12.25pm, my mobile rang. "Hi, calling from Sedap, I'm currently waiting below your office building."

What can I say? Sedap passed the time test. What was more fascinating was that the delivery guy (the same person who took the order earlier) cycled all the way from Sedap at Old Street. Come to think of it, that makes perfect sense really as it would probably allow him to cover quite a number of places despite the noon peak traffic.

And that probably explained why some of my beef rendang gravy was spilt and dripped all over when it was removed from the carrier.

believe me, it tasted much better than it looked

At £5.65, I got a starter (spring rolls), main (beef rendang) and fried rice. Not too bad considering that Asap doesn't provide delivery and easily cost 20% more. The food managed to arrive lukewarm and there was no need to microwave it though I am dubious whether the flimsy plastic container was microwave safe.

Unlike Asap, Sedap's container comes with a divider that seperates the mains (beef rendang) from the staple (fried rice). The beef rendang tasted exactly as it did in the resturant - no prizes for guessing what's my favorite dish, and the spring rolls' crispiness, which comes with its own dip sauce, was unblemished by the delivery.

Well, though Sedap's takeaway portions can be more generous, it is nevertheless one of the more value for money delivery options available in the City of London. if you are in the City or its vicinity (Sedap delivery covers postcode EC1, EC2, EC3, EC4, WC1, WC2 and N1), consider calling for Sedap's lunch delivery the next time round.

102 Old Street
London EC1V 9AY
020 7490 0200

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Cashmere said...

Wow!It's really good that they were able to send the food right on the dot. As for the mess, sometimes I think they just can't help it.. lol! :)

Reeta said...

I can't believe how convenient that was...similar to SG when you get to have a proper lunch down the local food court.

That's one downside to working in the countryside...you gotta make your own sandwiches. The closest I've gotten to proper hot food is a bacon and egg butty.

Mind you...we do go to nice little country pubs on Friday afternoons when work isn't too busy...

C K said...

Well, it could definitely be worse. I'm surprsed that there's no minimum order for the delivery service.

I guess it's the economies of scale, isn't it? But given a choice, I would love to spend some time in a pub with my colleagues during lunch... best still if the lunch is an extended one (wink).

Dutchie said...

Man, what a treat ! Definitely much tastier than Pret-a-sandwich eh ? Oh, pret means fun in dutch.

Our local home delivery charges a flat 2,50 within the radius of our small town. There's a new grillroom for kebabs, ribs, etc. Their portions cost around 10 euro (to fill 1 tummy only !) n they r offering free delivery for the moment.

What I really miss r the dishes that u get in London that is akin to SG food. I could get genuine Indo food in Amsterdam but that's too far way.

Heard from my friend in SG that McD charges 3 bucks to deliver a hamburger ! Being lazy to get down the office block has cost her twice to get a bite - honestly hor - what a waste of $ !!