Thursday, May 28, 2009

UEFA CUP - Manchester United vs Barcelona

Fans of the hugely popular series, Mr Bean, would have no trouble recalling this particular episode where he got a new TV (a 14" CRT TV) to be precise only to find that there was no TV signal in his flat. Undeterred, he spent the next 15 minutes, which is the time that each episode would typically run, trying to adjust a flimsy antennae attempting to get something on the screen.

That was what happened to me yesterday evening, at the end of a rather dreary workday and trying to get a ITV1 up in time for the UEFA Cup championship match between Manchester United and Barcelona. I started fumbling around with my antennae at 7pm and was still at kick-off 45 minutes later. Believe me, Rowan Atkinson made it looked easy.

Unlike Atkinson, I choose not to remove any part of my clothing (just in case you might be wondering), but I had to spend the entire 90 minutes, excluding injury time, holding the antennae precisely 10 cm off the ground to the left of my TV set. Well, I did take a break during halftime.

Manchester+United+vs+BarcelonaAnyway, the match started heavily in Manchester United's favour. With 30,000 Man U fans descended in Rome, morale was high with Rodney and Ronaldo prepped and ready to go in for the kill. The commentators were likewise upbeat and the betting houses are handling out relatively low payouts for Ronaldo scoring the first goal - Man U's winning of UEFA Cup seemed a forgone conclusion.

To give Sir Ferguson's troops some credit, Man U did started really well and made five attempts at Barcelona's goal within the opening eight minutes. Although not one of the attempts converted, everything was going pretty well and the fans, who flew across half of Europe, were clamouring for some goals.

Everything came crashing at the 10th minute when Eto sneaked the ball past Man U's defense and scored on Barcelona's first attempt at Man U's goal line. Man U began to unravel at that instant, playing became sloppy and their morale demolished - all while I was holding on to the antennae.

Thinking that Sir Ferguson might throw some sneakers and wake the team up during half time, I sat through the second half, and yes, still holding on to the antennae. Messi's header at the 70th minute sealed Man U's fate.

Yesterday evening, pubs in London, filled with Man U fans, were noticeably quiet as the Barcelonans celebrated 700 miles away.

Darn the antennae. I am seriously considering getting one of those satellite dish from Argos one of this weekend.

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Eaststopper said...

How's life in London?
Try this CK,

I watch on my laptop though the resolution is kinda fuzzy

Buzzing J said...

So, I guess you're glad that it didn't go to extra times and penalty, huh?

C K said...

Hey you must be real busy these days, yah? :)

Thanks for the link. I've just installed it on my phone. Will probably test it out this very evening.


@Buzzing J,
Well, there was some injury time, which only added insult to the injury. lol

FĂ«anor said...

Hey! Was blissfully in Luxembourg away from all the soccer madness...I don't think the Luxembourgeouis are interested in soccer. What are they interested in? Who knows? I never saw any, heh.

Who's Rodney, then?