Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Adore Patisserie Cafe - an quiet oasis amongst the maddening crowds at London Regent Street

As summer sales open across London last week, Regent Street, London's main shopping belt, is filled with Londoners and tourists hoping to pick up bargains at fashion brands that line the street. You would have thought that Banana Republic, Massimo dutti, Aquascutum were giving out free stuff looking at the crowds at these stores.

While the ladies went amok along the street, I headed towards my refuge from the crowds, my sanctuary amongst the madness of the summer sales, my oasis in the barren land with nothing other than crazed mammals totting shopping bags. I headed towards the Adore Patisserie Cafe.


I came across Adore Patisserie Cafe sometime back while I was making my rounds along Regent Street while Wife was at the stores. Tucked into a passageway, which is a smaller version of the Burlington Arcade, you could easily miss Adore if not for a couple of rather discreet signs pointing towards the cafe at the passageway's opening to Regent Street.

What's interesting about Adore Patisserie Cafe is that it offers a first floor sitting (as in second storey) with windows that allow viewing onto the passageway on the ground floor. It's not something to make a huge fuss about but having those windows does help to alleviate the sense of claustrophobic.


I got a cappuccino, which is reasonably priced at just over £2 (no service charge) and settled comfortably on the first floor occasionally glancing down from the window while burying myself in my Neil Gaiman. I was the only one on the upper floor during that Saturday afternoon and remained so for the next two hours. An sms from Wife and I was on my way out.

"Oh, I have forgotten about you!" The French staff who served me earlier exclaimed while settling my bill at the till.

Business must be a bit slow these days.

Adore Patisserie Cafe
80 Regent Street
Tel: 020 7287 1434

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foongpc said...

It's nice to enjoy a cup of coffee and relax in a quiet cafe. I do that sometimes too : )

C K said...

Taking a break from shopping, I suppose? :)

Come to think of it, I don't get to do that often in Singapore. Always seemed to be in a rush back then... hmm...

Lilliy said...

Shopping and taking a break at a cafe like this is the best day out.

I really enjoy your blog with the new look at what to enjoy in London..

That is why I have chosen your blog to forward one of The Lovely Blog Awards posted on this link

C K said...

Thanks for the linkback. Ahem.. I am a 'he', not a 'she'. :)