Sunday, June 21, 2009

I can't cycle and I blame it on my parents

Now that the cat's out of the bag, I can come out of the closet and put the blame squarely on my parents instead of attributing it to my absolute lack of muscle coordination. My terror of colliding into inanimate objects didn't help matters a single bit.

I recalled there was a fatal accident on the streets near when we stayed when I was a kid that involved a cyclist and a lorry. It wasn't a pretty sight and that was probably the reason why my parents refused to let me get a bicycle early on and even years later I just didn't get to learn. Guess I can't really blame my parents, can I?


I realise that it's a given that most Londoners can cycle. Whether they actually do it on a daily basis is another thing but most can handle a bicycle pretty decently. Imagine their surprise when told that I am hopeless at it.

Perhaps I should really get a cheap bicycle, grit my teeth and get on learning it. Now, if only I could stop staring at the ground when I am at it but being able to join next year's Naked Bike Ride might just provide the incentive.

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E. Thai said...

Really enjoy your blog. Have unforgettable memories of London from a trip there many years ago.
I used to bicycle to school when I was a kid. These days, it is a great exercise, and you can see and appreciate your surroundings so much more. Try it!

certifications said...

Interesting blog and your all post too. I just want to say to you that never blame about it on your parents because parents no want wrong for their children. Thank You For Sharing With Us.

Reeta said...

Oh my goodness...I thought I was the only one!!! I never learnt how to cycle as a kid and as I got older and decided to give it a go, I got so paranoid about toppling over and never got the hang of it.

I get so embarrassed when I have to tell people that I can't cycle...what makes the whole thing worse is the social stigma associated to non-cyclists adults. For some reason, if you're an adult and you can't cycle...there is something wrong with you.
During our recent trip to SG, you can imagine the stares I got on a busy Sat afternoon in East Coast Park when J was very kindly trying to teach me.

But I am determined to learn...I have some gorgeous scenery, pubs and open fields in my area and I would love to just pop on my bike and go!

C K said...

Thanks for stopping by. Back in Singapore, there is much space for cycling so I guess there was no real need for me to take it up. There was another fatal hit and run incident that involved another cyclist publicised on BBC Breakfast today. Guess there's still this danger of cycling on the roads isn't it?

Like I mentioned in the post, don't really blame them. Cheers.

LOL, so I guess you were one of those who stayed put in the chalet while the rest were out on their bikes? 'cause I was. :)

I did try to take it up during my army days. Took an army mate's bike round a bend and ended up in a ditch. That didn't ended too well.

Lady Banana said...

I love cycling, but in London it can be a bit scary so I don't do it as often as I should.

As for the naked bike ride - I'll do it if you do!! ;) LOL

Hmmm doubt that's any incentive for you to learn to cycle though ..LOL

sixmats said...

I'll be [hopefully] getting a bicycle this summer too.

I just hope I can survive the streets of Japan.

C K said...

@Lady Banana,
Do I sense a dare here? lol. Hmm...

I was astonished at the agility of Japanese cyclists in Tokyo and Kyoto. Though unlike in London, the Japanese tend to cycle on the pavements, they somehow managed to manueveur through the pedestrians without sounding their bells.