Friday, June 12, 2009

London Graffiti street art

Was on my way to Sedap for dinner the other day when I chanced upon this piece of street art along Curtain Road in the vicinity of Liverpool Street Station. I'm not too sure whether it's commissioned but it looked like much time is invested in the planning and execution. Definitely not run-of-the-mill graffiti.

Though it doesn't have the Banky's social agenda, it does make quite a bit of impact as the entire street art spans nearly three sides of the building. Curiously, there was a similar piece with a different theme done at the same place earlier but was white-washed after some time.



I wonder how long this will last before being removed again. Then again, it might be a community project to provide budding graffiti artists some space for their creativity.

Do you know of any other noteworthy pieces of street art?

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::karinuslai:: said...

I prefer Banksy's stuff. Wanted to seek some of them out but appears most of the ones in central London are gone already...

C K said...

I wouldn't be surprised. Most are already sold to the highest bidder and Banksy has made some fortunante shop owners a small fortune.

The one along Essex Road is still there the last time I walked past the area.

Hope that you've enjoyed your recent trip to London.