Monday, June 29, 2009

Heatwave swept across London - bathing in sweat, not just my own

A couple of months ago, a blanket of snow descended upon London and it brought the capital to a standstill. Buses couldn't leave their depots due to icing on the roads. London Underground and other essential services ground to a halt when key workers were not able to report for work. London is not built for cold weather.

I found out today that the London isn't built for hot weather either.

Woman+football+London+hot+weatherDonning my sunglasses, I stepped out of my house this morning to a blast of warm air. Despite wearing my thinnest possible shirt (any thinner would be translucent), I started sweating just halfway to the Tube station. To put things in context, coming from a sunny isle which temperature averages 30 degrees Celsius, I should be well adapted for the kind of temperature London is having now. But after growing accustomed to the more agreeable temperature of sub 20 degree Celsius, I almost didn't survive the Tube ride to work this morning.

Did eventually managed to crawl into the office bathed in my own sweat, which I suspect was mixed with the burly guy squashed into me on the train earlier. No way I am going take the Tube back later. Will take a short hike back instead.

If I wanted sunny and warm weather, I would have stayed put in Singapore where sandy beaches are within easy access.

I should probably turn up for work in singlet, bermudas and sandals tomorrow. I'll go dunk my head in the office fridge in the meantime.

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SheR. said...

Just what I love to hear from Londoners. Complain about the chilly weather and then the heatwave when it's barely 35 C!!!

Lady Banana said...

Yay! It's a proper summer for a change, but no fun to have to go to work in!

sixmats said...

Your story makes me thing of Tokyo. I'd bring a towel and two shirts with me to work everyday and when I got to work I looked like I had just showered.

yanjie said...

I'm back in SG(for good), and the temperature felt no different from the last day I was in London

C K said...

Barely 35C? Are you even human? :)

@Lady Banana,
Just want to laze at home. People in the office have been dropping like flies... can't blame them.

lol, I wouldn't want to sit next to you on the train though I suspect everyone else is sweating buckets too.

It has since cooled somewhat.. thank goodness. How's it back home?