Monday, June 22, 2009

"I like the photos of the food" says Puji Puji's owner

Wife and I got this sudden craving for satay on Sunday. I must admit that it was a inconvenient craving to have over at this side of the world. It was the equivalent of hungering for mash peas in Singapore. It is not impossible to obtain satay in London (as in the case of mash peas in Singapore), just difficult. In fact, I could count with just one hand the number of satay stalls that I know of in London.

The absolute truth is that we had Puji Puji in mind when the craving for satay crept up on us. Those who are familiar with my food review site, London Chow would know that I consider Puji Puji's lamb/beef satay as the best in London. I could almost smell its aroma as we trekked for a good half an hour to get to Puji Puji.

After settling down, we proceeded to order the usual - beef and lamb satay with teh tarik. The lady boss walked up to me,

"So you have finally written the review on Puji Puji."

Seeing my puzzled look, "The review on Puji Puji on London Chow." she added.

A zillion thoughts ran through my mine at that split second. Did I mention to her that I was going to? I might have mentioned it in passing to her staff, Fiona during our first visit after the raving compliments that an acquaintance have of Puji Puji. The worse thing is that I can't even remember what I wrote in that review. Was it a good one to begin with?

"I like the pictures of the food on the review." The lady boss continued.

That's not looking good at all. She likes only the pictures? That can't be good. I took a quick glance at the door and plotted my escape route. I would need at least three full seconds to reach it and that was provided I get pass her first.

"I really like the pictures." She added.

Perhaps to placate her, I would order another mee goreng (fried noodle). Right, that's exactly what I would do. Giving her a weak grin, I beckoned to the staff and ordered a mee goreng.

The satay and teh tarik took some time to arrive but the satay was well worth the wait and the 30 minute trekking. To give Puji Puji some credit, the mee goreng was delicious as well. I found out later that evening that the review posted earlier wasn't too bad at all. The mere fact that I have been returning every other week should say much.

If you are heading towards Puji Puji, do me a favor and tell the staff that you went there after reading London Chow. Who knows? The lady boss might just throw in a satay for my next meal. When it comes to food, I am absolutely shameless.

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waitingkitty said...

Oh, at least you can get decent satays in London! Are they expensive? Like 10 times the price of Singapore? The satays here in HK are terribly expensive and not tasty!

C K said...

6 sticks cost around £7. Not cheap but they are the size that you can find over at the Esplanade. Comes with onions, cucumbers and ketupat. The peanut sauce is really good too.