Saturday, June 13, 2009

Spitalfields bicycle lockers for bicycle security

In a bid to boost its status as a bicycle capital of the world ahead of Olympics 2012 held in London, Mayor Boris Johnson has gone out of his way to encourage cycling as a viable mean of daily transport. He and David Cameron, the leader of the opposition Conservative Party and a likely candidate for the next Prime Minister, were often photograph by the media cycling to work. It almost seems like being able to handle a bicycle is a prerequisite for those who seek public office.

Bicycle stands have sprung up across the capital and more people have taken to cycling over travelling by buses or Tube despite concerns that the heavy vehicular traffic along narrow London roads still pose a threat to the ever so vulnerable cyclists. The recent Tube strike prompted more people to seriously consider cycling as an alternative way to get around and about.


I came across rows of huge metal lockers at Spitalfields Market yesterday. To the casual observer, they seemed to be some oversize lockers. Realised that they are in fact bicycle lockers (or if you prefer bicycle 'garage') upon closer inspection... well, there's a representation of a bicycle etched onto each of them, can't go wrong with that, can I?

Have not came across the likes of these anywhere else in the City. Have you?

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