Wednesday, June 17, 2009

St. Olave's Church lunchtime concert

I have come to look forward to my lunchtime and realise that much can be accomplish during that 60 minutes. Typically, I would gobble down my lunch within 15 minutes and quickly scanned through the daily newspaper and read about the dire predictions of the Labour's results in the upcoming election, how the economy is going to turn the corner, and President Obama's latest speech.

The remaining 30 to 45 minutes would then be dedicated to exploring the neighbourhood. With the Tower of London and the Tower Bridge a stone's throw away, one can hardly be tired of the vicinity.

St. Olave's Church lunchtime concert

This afternoon, after a colleague's recommendation, I took a stroll to St. Olave's Church for its lunchtime concert. When I was there, the duet (violinist and pianist) was already playing their final piece to a small audience but appreciative audience.

I am not too sure whether it was the sound acoustic of the church or the after-effects of a relatively heavy lunch, I was suitably impressed by the contemporary piece. Quite out of character I would say as I don't normally handle contemporary too well.

Apparently, other than lunchtime concerts, St. Olave's Church also hosts the occasional evening concerts. In fact, there is one upcoming on 1st July at 7pm. The Annual Lascelles Memorial Concert celebrates the 20th Anniversary of the City Chamber Ensemble. Admission is free.

Well, consider dropping by if you are in the area. Cheers!

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