Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Breakfast Club Angel Islington - is there anything more than just cheeky jokes?

Whenever I walk through the Camden Passage at Angel Islington during weekends, there is bound to be a queue outside The Breakfast Club. I am not only referring to one of those warm and sunny summer mornings that descended on London for the last two weeks - there will be a long queue snaking out from Breakfast Club regardless of weather. People will be there with their umbrellas when it is showering and in their woollen coats when it is snowing, rain or shine, The Breakfast Club is always packed.

The+Breakfast+Club+Angel+IslingtonWhile I am not terribly fond of queues, especially long ones, I am curious about whether it is really that good. So Wife and I decided to pop by for a dessert after dinner one evening, not exactly the best time of the day to visit a place with a name like The Breakfast Club. Perhaps.

When we walked in at 9pm during a weekday, there were only three souls in The Breakfast Club. Might as well, at least there was no need to contend with the morning crowd. We each ordered a dessert, I can't really recall exactly what but it was a brownie and an ice-cream of some kind. When dessert finally arrived, it was rather uninspiring. Fine, maybe we should really have gone there for breakfast.

The+Breakfast+Club+Angel+IslingtonHowever, what really surprised us was the lackluster service. The staff who took our orders looked like she rather be somewhere else. Given the uplifting messages and jokes displayed on the pop up board beside its entrance everyday, you would expect a more enthusiastic service. A quick check online for The Breakfast Club reviews showed that other customers have experienced disappointing services as well. In fact, one went so far to suggest that the long queues were due to its slow services.

With a slew of eateries and restaurants opening up in Camden Passage, these dissatisfied customers might just decide to give The Breakfast Club a miss.

Have you been to The Breakfast Club? How was your experience?

The Breakfast Club
31 Camden Passage
London N1 8EA
+44 (0) 20 7226 5454

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Melissa said...

I had not heard of this establishment but if I walked by and saw a queue I would assume it would be because the food was good. Thanks for the review!