Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Bugis Street Brasserie Millennium Gloucester Hotel - a taste of Singapore in London

Bugis+Stree+Brasserie+review+LondonSome time back, someone left a comment on London Chow suggesting that Millennium Gloucester Hotel's Bugis Street Brasserie serves the best Singaporean food outside Singapore. According to him, those the people who first made that comment are Singapore Airlines cabin crew. For the uninitiated, Singapore Airline operates frequent flights into Heathrow and put up their crew at two main hotels - Gloucester Hotel and Corpthorn Hotel, both in the vicinity of Kensington.

I was told that the the air stewardess would make a beeline for Harrods the moment they reached their respective hotels and looking for Singaporean food would be the last thing on their mind so I would take their recommendation with a pinch of salt. Then again, after visitng the many cities that Singapore Airline covers, they might just be right. It looked like I had to find out for myself whether their claims were true.


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