Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Free food and stuff in London - FreeCycle it!

And who says there's nothing free in the world? Well, we saw a box along Commercial Street with the label 'Free Food' on our way back from Hawksmoor the other day. Would have grabbed a bagel for breakfast if not the fact that I had my hands full. Those who know me well know that I never say no to food, never mind free or not.


If you have stuff that you would want to wish to recycle or simply wish to give away, other than leaving them outside your local charity shops or by the roadside, why not giving it away at FreeCycle? Passing it to someone who really needs it is way better than chucking it at the rubbish dump.

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lina said...

That's a good concept. But please don't put anything you don't want to eat yourselves out to giveaway, that's what I believe.

lina said...

cannot find your EC widget to retun your drop.

John said...

good ole London...never a shortage of culture (or rubbish) on the city streets!

drcrab said...

Freecyle is excellent. We got a slide for G, and lots of garden toys, from people whose children have grown up and therefore no longer need them! We even got a filing cabinet (which is great for the amount of paper we have around)! And we've in turn given away pots and pans, an old bicycle which needed a bit of TLC which the person could give (since we have no time to repair it!) and a CD player!

it's definitely not giving away rubbish! :)

C K said...

To be honest, this is the first time I see a box of food left by the road. I mean, I've seen cans/bottles before but never exposed food.

Then again, a person's poison may be another's meat. Some would never touch day old bread but I wouldn't mind that. Anyway, the food would be cleared away by the cleaners the very next day as well.

Oh, I've removed my EC widget.

Why would I think that Londoners would take that as a compliment? :p

But hey, thanks for stopping by.

FreeCycle helped me alot when I first arrived. I actually lugged a shelf along for more a klick. It's still standing in my living room now. Will probably pass it on when I move out.