Monday, July 13, 2009

The Fryer's Delight - Craving for Fish n Chips? Holborn chippy comes to the rescue!

The+Fryer+Delight+London+Theobald+StreetLong before the Turkish kebabs, Lebanese Fried Chicken, Indian Curries and Chinese takeway invade London's streets, shops pedding Fish and Chips used to dominate and fill up the gap that McDonald and Burger King somehow missed.

I try to avoid the kebabs as they are usually a messy affair. Fried Chicken from the Middle East could do with more crispiness. Curries are fine but layer of glistering oil covering the bits of lamb does not exactly promote longevity. As for Chinese food, well, I can pretty well prepare them myself, at least the simple dishes.


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jemsen said...

Hi, I always love to eat at
Fish & Co. I go for 2 "child meal"
with free glass of ice lemon tea!
Cheap and Good, always my favourite fish place!

Iriene said...

Manhattan Fish Market
Fish & Co are 2 places I frequent for my delicious, crispy fish & chips. Tks for sharing. Do drop by my blog, tks!

jemsen said...

Clicked on ur nuffnang ads. Do drop by my blog and pls click Hyundai ads , many tks and all the best!

C K said...

Thanks for stopping by! The funny thing is that Fish n Chips is one of the more popular 'Western food' back home. Mmmm.

For a moment, I thought that the one at Fish n Co was the best but it didn't come out well the last time I tried it. Maybe they have improved since?

Fëanor said...

hiya. a colleague and i went to this fryer place for lunch today. it was okay, our cod and haddock, although we had to ask specially for the tartare sauce, and the lack of a lemon to squeeze on the fish did faze us a bit. the service is rapid, but 1.20 for a Coke? too much!

this colleague is setting up an upscale fish-and-chips-with-a-difference shortly in cambridge, and perhaps we should take a trip once it's ready just to see what the difference can be. eh?

C K said...

Come to think of it, I don't remember having tartar sauce as well. Darn. Didn't order coke, I am a tea person remember? It costs 80p. heheh.

Sure thing! I never say no to food, especially hearty ones. But why in Cambridge? For the students perhaps?

Fëanor said...

This guy grew up in the Cambridge area, and his dad used to be a chef at a restaurant there. They are aiming at a young enthusiastic crowd - that means you!

C K said...

Now, flattery gets you everywhere. lol. I'm all for it. Just give me a shout when the restaurant is up and running. :)