Friday, July 3, 2009

London Museum comedy gigs by laughterinoddplaces - an odd place indeed

Ever been to a museum?
Duh, of course, you scoff.
Yeah? And when was that?
Erm, well, let me see… (twiddling your fingers).. There was this time I was in a museum with my parents and I was so bored and had to be pacified with an ice-cream.

Fact 1: museums aren't exactly the most exciting of places. Fact 2: London is filled with thousands of museums, big and small. So by inference, London is… oh well.

The London Museum at London Wall was brought to life by LaughterinOddPlaces yesterday with comedy gigs held throughout the museum within the confines of its exhibits. Household names like Richard Herring, Simon Munnery, Milton Jones, Hugh Huges, Gavin Osborn and many other names that I have absolutely never heard before put up a 30 min repertoire each in front of a motley crowd that include students who didn't have anything better to do during their summer holidays, bored looking housewives and househusbands who would rather watch anyone (or anything) other than their kids, hot and bothered office workers who returned from a torturous day at work, Roman mannequins, a couple of cavemen skulls, coins, bones and, well, stuff.


Some of the jokes were really lame I would say…

"Anyone of you from up North?" Milton Jones asked
"Yeah! From Glasgow!"
"Oh yeah? I've been up North once… went as far as Cambridge…"

"My Grandfather called me selfish, and I went on to be a fishmonger."

Hugh Huges pranced around the tiny space that he has been allocated and somehow got the idea that the audience would love to hear about how he and his buddy were playing with his buddy's poop (yep, you saw that right). I slipped quiet away not long thereafter. Overhead a lady who followed me saying to her friend, "He's funny but he's wieerrrd."

comedy+gigs+at+London+MuseumThe show of the day, in my humble opinion, has to be Gavin Osborn's. With just a guitar and an unpolished singing voice, he wowed the audience who even shed a tear or two with his lyrics. Loved his "Sainsbury lady", which was inspired by a guy who gave him 'the look' at a local Sainsbury. Also, his 'I'm over 30' song, which for some bizarre reason, happened to struck a cord with me. Found out later that he has quite a following in MySpace and decided that I'll go get his CD after listening to a track or two.

I should really go try my hand at this. Who knows? I may be the next Lily Allen. Wait, that didn't come out right.

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::karinuslai:: said...

i actually watched hugh huges' one-man show when it came to singapore... story of a rabbit, if i haven't got the wrong guy. he's quite naturally funny, that guy, actually... though i agree with the slightly weird part. he's got odd fancies that don't always work, that guy.

Sharkbytes said...

Just wanted to thank you for your sponsorship of the contest at Trader's Hub.

P.S. I like museums

C K said...

I think it's the subject matter that he chose. He's a very likable guy, the type that you wouldn't heckle even though his jokes were really bad.