Sunday, July 26, 2009

Looking forward to a lazy Sunday


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BK said...

Sometimes we do need to take break, so that we'll be ready to take on new challenges. I bet you heard this many times, "休息是为了走更长的路." However, when used in abuse, it can become an excuse.

Lady Banana said...

Oh for the life of a cat :) lol

renaye said...

i love cats!! i also want to be as lazy as a cat but cannot afford!

::karinuslai:: said...

cats and dogs lead such fantastic lives in the UK. I haven't decided whether, if reincarnation exists, i want to return in the next life as a dog or cat. This pic is tipping the scales in favour of cat for now...

C K said...

I was sprawling on my couch when I read your comment. Felt a bit uneasy after that. lol.

@Lady Banana,
:) That's probably the reason why prefer dogs to cats - the latter just look way too smug.

Hey, thanks for stopping by! come on, I'm sure we can take a break every now and then. Ah... nothing like a cuppa to waste the day away.

You know what? Wife and I were just talking about how we don't usually see stray cats or dogs on London's streets. Not sure whether the owners here are more enlightened or simply because the SPCA works harder.

Cashmere said...

Oh hey look! It's a Brit cat.. lol! :) I always have this internal joke about cats speaking and understanding diiferent language..
The cat looks so lazy and cute.. :D

C K said...

This cat was sitting at our favorite Italian cafe near our place. Sunning itself, I guess.

I take it that you are a 'cat' person? :)