Monday, July 6, 2009

Play me I'm yours - Streetpianos

A number of pianos (30 to be exact) have been popping up mysteriously all over London. In parks, train stations, markets and other public places, these pianos all stood silently propped against a wall, all missing the player. Is that another Banksy's statement? The graffitti artist, more at home with spray cans, is not exactly known for his musical talents.

On closer look, each of these pianos has got a message taped across them.

"Play Me, I'm Yours"

That was exactly what a boy did at Leadenhall Market when I walked pass it the other day. He was merrily running his fingers through the keyboard entertaining the customers at the nearby restaurants. To my untrained ear, he sounded pretty good. Judging at the appreciative glances from the passerbys, customers and restaurants' service staff, I wasn't the only person who thought so.


I walked past it today again. There was no one playing the piano this time round and the instrument seemed to blend inconspicuously under the ornate ceiling of Leadenhall Market.

"Play Me, I'm Yours" beckoned the piano to anyone who walked past it.

Have you seen any other Streetpianos? Email a photo of it to and have it featured below!

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FĂ«anor said...

There's one at the Royal Exchange entrance to Bank station that I pass on the way home everyday. Pretty decrepit looking thing, it is too. Mark Grigorian and his son (Tigran, who is a pianist) thought of playing on as many of them as they could find over the weekend. The story is in Russian, though. He recounts one incident in Camberwell Green when a man came up and put his mobile next to Tigran so that the person on the line could hear Tigran play. He then said that there was another fellow earlier, before Mark and Tigran turned up, who promised to break the piano if anyone played on it! Clearly not everyone is pleased with free music, eh?

C K said...

The very same day after I saw your comment, I saw two kids banging away at the piano (at Leadenhall Market) on my way back home... needless to say, the customers at Pizza Express didn't look too pleased.

Perhaps the chap before Tigran didn't do the piano justice. :)