Saturday, July 25, 2009

Village Fete Jubilee at Victoria and Albert - a day of good o' village fun at V&A

helpful signs pointing the way for the clueless

Just in case you have not noticed already, summer is in full swing. We would probably be in the mood for Pimms and lying spread eagle in the open fields busking under the sun if not for the fickle weather during the past few days. But hey, that's London to you; where a sampling of the four seasons can be had within a single day.

Not to be cowed, the Village Fete held in Victoria and Albert Museum (V&A), celebrates its tenth anniversary this year, is presented in its full glory this weekend. Occupying the central courtyard of V&A, the Village Fete Jubilee is featuring 30 stalls in all spread throughout the courtyard.

the sun's out, bring out those Pimms!

In a bid to bring back the traditional village games' atmosphere, independent British designers have been sought by V&A to set up games stalls for this event with innovativeness as the sole criterion. This time round, the indigenous designers go all out to prove that they are worth their salt.

Though the event has been categorized by Timeout as a 'family event', it was pretty evident that many adults were enjoying themselves as much as the kids. Instead of drowning themselves in beer and Pimms, the adults were amusing themselves at games stalls like Penny Ponzi, Quick Draw Saloon and Crash Spam Wallop.

hey lady, fancy a drink?

"oh no... he's not gonna make it", the kid grimaced...

The Penny Ponzi, a simple setup was perhaps the most intriguing stall, 'investors' to the scheme were to place £1 in the Banker's trust. That £1 will earn 20% (simple) interest for every hour it is with the Banker. Naturally, the longer the investors leave their quid with the Banker, the more interest it will earn. There was a long queue of eager investors and I promptly joined them. After handing my quid over in good faith, I received an investment 'certificate'.

the queue of eager (and unsuspecting) investors

Being risk adversed, I was back there just after an hour to collect my interest and capital. Earned a whopping 31% return for my £1, which was perhaps the best investment that I have made thus far. Not sure whether I could say the same for those who came after me though.

my takings for the day...

the 'banker' facing the music

gotcha, you're going nowhere!

at the Operation Table, the surgeon ripped out the patient's... hey, wait a minute...

That's exactly what we need - sound advice for the people

fancy immortalising your hair?

darn, these 2p coins just don't go in fast enough!

Were you at the Village Fete Jubilee? Tell us about your experiences!

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::karinuslai:: said...

lolol! LOVE the idea of the Ponzi scheme and of throwing things at bankers! BRILLIANT - that's all I can say!

C K said...

It was all in good fun. Had to queue for 30min just to get the tickets into the fair. I guess the sunny weather with some light wind (I am beginning to sound like the BBC weatherman) helps lift the mood as well.