Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Why I hate the BBC

I detest the BBC. In fact, BBC has the dubious honour of making to the top of my hate list of late.

Being the sole beneficiary of the TV licensing fees paid yearly by UK residents, BBC has been producing high quality epic dramas like Casualty 1909 (essentially ER in 1909), documentaries on how the influence of Islam and Christianity affect the world that we know today, to hilarious comedy talk shows like QI and Mock the Week and outlandish variety show like Top Gear. All that without any advertisement.

I just can't take my eyes off the TV screen for even a minute the moment I step into my home. I should be spending my time in more worthwhile pursuits, such as doing crossword puzzles and perhaps staring out of the window and count the number of cars driving down the road.

They should take away BBC's funding and force it to produce some lower quality shows and pepper its shows with advertisement so that I can get on with my life. In fact, if I were to suffer a nervous breakdown today, it'll be BBC's fault. Darn, got to rush home tonight for Murray's match at Wimbledon's Centre Court on BBC2 this afternoon.

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sixmats said...

Wait until BBC3 comes out.

xiaocangshu said...

This reminds me of the time a few years ago someone left a message on the Chinese paper's entertainment hotline, thanking our TV station for producing such lousy Chinese shows, he (if I remember correctly this person is a man) can save the electricity that would otherwise have been used for the TV. I think this is a rather witty way of describing his viewpoint (though there is one interesting local variety show I am following now).

Nomadic Matt said...

for all the reasons u hate it, i love it

drcrab said...

gotta disagree with you on this one. yes, there are naff tv programmes like casualty (is that BBC? I don't know I don't watch it!) which aren't great and should be left to the Americans to hype up. but there are great ones too.

Hubby loves Dr Who (and you have to admit, it's really been great the last few series); and all the documentaries (at least they are more factual, more in depth and less biased than say Channel 4 or 5!) and things like Top Gear.

Having said all that, I don't watch alot of TV these days (that's an understatement)... I have no time!

C K said...

BBC 3 & 4 are already on air. :)

And what program is that? Would it be possible to catch it online?

@Matt and drcrab

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately BBC political commentary are so pro-government, it makes me homesick.

xiaocangshu said...

The show is 《国记交意所》It's a Small World hosted by Mark Lee, featuring foreigners in Singapore talking about different aspects of daily life back home, life in Singapore as a foreigner and culture shock.

The first part of the first episode is here:

Fëanor said...

What you need to watch is Kröd Mändoon and the Flaming Sword of Fire. Everything else is ephemeral.

::karinuslai:: said...

haha, when i saw the title of this post i was all prepared to get up in arms to defend the beeb. was relieved to note that you actually meant that opposite of the sentiment you proclaimed :)

drcrab said...

oh dear... I read it all wrong didn't I?!?... silly billy...

C K said...

Did I detect a tinge of sarcasm over there? :P
Where are you now by the way?

Thanks for the link! Will be catching it. Cheers!

HAHA, that title alone warrant a viewing. Was reading the sypnosis... Aneka's skill is.. interesting. Another prog to occupy my evenings, cheers!

Was hoping to elicit a response from BBCphiles like you. :)

lol, for a moment I was like, "hmm, maybe she meant something else... maybe there's somthing there between the lines..."