Friday, July 10, 2009

Wimbledon Emmanuel Church's divine message for Andy Murray

Now that the Wimbledon fever has died down and Roger Federer has claimed the top place among the tennis greats while the Britons move on to cricket (one sport that I am still struggling to understand), I look back at how Andy Murray who hailed from Scotland, for a brief moment in time, managed to grip even the English hearts, getting many to forgive him for his earlier claim that he would never support the English team in its World Cup bid.

For a brief moment, the legions of Murray supporters that packed Wimbledon's Centre Court believed that their champion will triump Andy Roddick and step into the arena against Roger Federer, the then winner of 14 Grand Slams. He don't even have to win Federer; if he had stepped into the final, he would be the only Briton to do so for the last seven decades.

Well, that, as we know, didn't quite turned out as the Murray fans hope. At least Andy Murray can take heart in Wimbledon Emmanuel Church's message to him.


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stamonica said...

We are all love by God. 100%