Friday, August 7, 2009

Celebrating Singapore's 44th National Day in London

singapore+national+day+flag+girlI will be heading to London's Singapore High Commission later on to celebrate Singapore's 44th National Day, which falls on 9th Aug. It's probably something that I should be looking forward to but curiously I am not. Not until I figure out what exactly a 'lounge suit' is.

For now, I'm going to assume that it refers to that shoddy jacket that I don for work almost every other day. And it doesn't require a tie. Or does it? It's too late to rush back home to get one anyway so here goes nothing.

I heard that some minister is coming to speak to us. Hope that it will not be another fact finding session as to why Singaporeans leave Singapore or asking us to return to Singapore to claim our birthright. Not that I have anything against doing the latter but I do get this sinking feeling that there will be not much of a birthright to claim. I can't recall the name of the minister who's going to attend the event but I am interested in what he has to say.

I suspect that some of us are going for the food. The High Commissioner might fly in some food from home or he may order some takeaway from the handful of Singaporean restaurants in London. To be honest, I just can't work up an appetite in front of a large group of strangers. That's unless they provide bite size bak kwa and teh tarik, a curious combination but I could survive on that for days.

Let see how it goes later and hopefully by the end of it all, I will find out who is the lucky minister tasked to fly halfway across the world to mingle with us. Actually, I'm hoping that they'll play some Singapore National Day songs. I am one huge sentimentalist.

Well, if you're heading towards the same function and see a bespectacled chap wearing a shoddy jacket looking bewildered clasping his cup of teh tarik (if they have it), that'll me.

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drcrab said...

ohh!! pray tell who that fortunate minister is, and whether you did tell them what the real reasons Singaporeans leave Singapore...!! lol.. happy national day!

Dutchie said...

Hey, at least u were invited to a party ! I checked the consulate in Rotterdam n there was nothing going on for us folks here *pouts*

Did u follow the streaming via mediacorp ? Man, it was so so slow. I missed chunks of the show n the images were far too tiny to get a feel of the excitment. Lots of Sg'reans were complaining abt it as well, but they do hv the option of Channel 5 for a Live telecast ! All in all, it was an anti-climax for me *sigh*

C K said...

Alas, I didn't get to meet him as I was late (read following post). But a friend popped by for the weekend and we did have an interesting debate on that. :)

I was busy showing a friend around London during the weekend that I totally missed out on the parade. How was it? I mean, did you manage to catch snippets of it? Perhaps you can try balloting for tickets and catch it live next time round?

I was there a couple of years back when it was held at Padang. I dunno, it seemed that the atmosphere was much better on tv. I wonder whether the better acoustics in the stadium helped.