Thursday, August 6, 2009

Crane & Tortoise serving Japanese omelette rice in London

Crane+and+Tortoise+review+London+holbornBoth Wife and I are huge fans of the Japanese omelette rice so you could imagine our excitement when we came across a brochure introducing a new Japanese eatery, Crane & Tortoise that has just started business at Gray's Inn Road.

Undeterred by the fact that the entire brochure was written in Japanese, we decided to give it a try for one sole reason: there was a picture of an omelette rice featuring prominently in the same article. When we called Crane & Tortoise up to make a reservation, our call was answered by a Japanese gentleman who speak little English, how very authentic, we thought.

Would Crane & Tortoise be serving the omelette rice that we have been looking for all this while?


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drcrab said...

they were probably trying to be an 'izakaya' - drinking establishment that offers 'tidbits' like takoyaki, omu-rice, gyoza and the like!!!

C K said...

You know what? You're probably right. But omelette rice??

Oh, they do have an array of sake as well.

drcrab said...

yeah! Omu-rice is one of the simplest things that an izakaya makes which 'fills' people up (other than the takoyaki and gyoza type finger food!)...yums!

Dutchie said...

This omu rice reminds me of 2 dutch creations. A square piece filled with fried noodles n balls of snacks filled with spicy fried rice. Both r coated in bread crumbs which adds to a crunchy bite after it's been deep-fried.

Frozen snacks here keeps changing n I hv totally forgotten abt these 2. Will go check it out this weekend n see if they still exist. They r pretty yummy lah :-)

So, did u compensate ur disappointment with a vengeance binge when u got home ?!

C K said...

That makes sense now. No wonder the staff looked a bit indignant when I asked him for the 'full' menu. lol

Deep fried? I assumed it's covered with flour? Sounds sinful... :)

I tried my hand at some curry katsu rice, breading some chicken tigh meat the last time round. They came out pretty fine but the washing up is something that I would never want to go through again.

We headed towards an Italian cafe nearby for desserts thereafter. It served a mean chocolate fudge cake. lol

Aidyl said...

Well, I went there and have to say...
I really do love this restaurant.
And everything I had, which was a lot, as they are kinda small portions
tasted very yummy to me.
My Japanese bf took me there and is really happy to find Omu-rice on the (okay, sheet of paper) menue, as it is kind of a childhood-favourite.

C K said...

You know what? I read really good reviews of the place written by those who have been there. Perhaps it's a matter of personal preference and expectations.

The menu is still on a sheet of paper? :) How was your Omu-rice?