Friday, August 21, 2009

Free money at Tesco ATM - would you have taken it?


Tesco, apparently feeling a bit generous over the bumper year, gave out free money at one of its ATM outside its Cranford's store.

Don't get overly excited about it.

While Tesco's ATM did dispense free money, it claimed that it was due to a 'rare operational error'. Error or not, customers, after realising that that particular ATM was giving out double the stated withdrawal, quickly called their relatives and friends. Before long, a queue built up quickly. Tesco quickly shut the machine down upon discovering the malfunction but not before losing thousands of pounds (conflicting reports estimated loss between £3000 to £5000).

Tesco issued a statement saying that it would not reclaim the money lost. The following day, many London Lite readers were quick to point out that those who benefited from the faulty machine were downright dishonest.

As I was reading the article, I couldn't help but think whether I would have joined the queue as well. But Wife was horrified that I even thought about that. "Wouldn't that nag your conscience? That's tantamount to robbing the store." she chastised.

I don't know. Probably. But would you?

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Dutchie said...

I think Tesco probably hv an insurance against any loss they might encounter.

As with any increased claims on the policy, the premiums will go up n u can bet that the retailers will put that on our bills !

Whenever I witness fare cheaters on the train, I hv no sympathy for them bec the rest of us hv to bourne the loss with rising ticket prices, tho I wished the rail company would solve this problem without passing the buck onto us !

Sometimes supermart cashiers gave the wrong change. The diff in loss will be deducted from their minimum wage. The sum meant little to me but for the cashier, it might mean alot. Best to do the right thing than to hv that on my conscience !

Lady Banana said...

Hmmm that's a difficult one, I'd like to keep it but It would feel so wrong to me...

Mr. Fatboy Slim said...

What Dutchie said is true.. Being a cashier before 'The diff in loss will be deducted from their minimum wage.'

But then if it happened in Singapore, I would have taken it.. No, doubt bcos I'm damn broke now..

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xiaocangshu said...

I probably would be too lazy to go down.

Talking about free money, Straits Times reported on a new "putpocket" thing going on at London tourist spots...

Cashmere said...

Honestly, I wouldn't really care if people call me dishonest.. I will definitely take the money and run. They gave me extra money.. So, why not? And they didn't even ask for it back. But if they do, I'll prolly will.. :D

Emm said...

Having worked in a bank before and understanding the mechanism, I'd most likely own up. Not for moral reasons but to avoid someone coming after me to claim their money back.

Nomadicmatt said...

hmmmm im not sure...good question. I might do it and see if they asked for the money back...if not, more travel money for me!

William Wallace said...

I would have most certainly taken the money, Tesco make huge amounts of profits by charging too much and underpaying their staff as well as shafting their suppliers.

If they want to give away money that’s their problem, I however would have given the money to someone more in need than myself…..